Revolutionising Glasgow: Who Are the Leading IT Startups in 2023?

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A New Dawn: Exciting IT Startups Lighting Up Glasgow’s Tech Scene

The city of Glasgow, once the heart of the industrial revolution, is experiencing a new kind of revolution. A revolution powered by innovation, big ideas, and ambitious entrepreneurs. This time, it’s not about shipbuilding or heavy industries. The city is midstride in its transformation into a Silicon Valley of the North, with a burgeoning IT and tech startup scene propelling this evolution.

Among these avant-garde innovators are 15 IT startups from a wide array of industries, ranging from e-learning to commodities trading and ecosystem monitoring. Today, we will delve deeper into these companies and explore the swells they’re making in their respective industries. All of them point to a promising future for Glasgow’s IT landscape.

Get ready to take a profound journey into the heart of Glasgow’s tech revolution. Please note, this is a snapshot of the city’s vibrant tech scene, with links provided to every company’s site; we urge you to research further into these pioneers.


Hoolr is shaking up the corporate world by enabling organisations to accurately track coaching within their business. Residing in the intersect of multiple industries such as consulting, e-learning, education, and human resources, Hoolr is carving its niche by integrating technology into otherwise human-centric operations.

Sales Leads

Another Glasgow-based startup is Sales Leads. This firm specialises in email marketing, data entry services, and lead generation. Sales Leads exist to help businesses streamline their outreach efforts and achieve growth.

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Adam Piggot

Adam Piggot offers various IT, marketing, advertising, branding, and design services. With a broad spectrum of expertise, Adam Piggot ensures that businesses can enhance their online presence and achieve their branding goals.

Thriving in Glasgow’s EdTech Industry is This innovative startup has developed an app that provides on-demand personalised learning support to secondary school pupils, revolutionising the education sector.


BLK has developed a cutting-edge marketplace for commodities and raw materials, making sourcing global and direct. This e-commerce platform transforms the procurement of goods, reminiscent of the shipping heritage from Glasgow’s past.


Exizent is an interesting tech startup that has created a platform connecting all the data, services, and people involved when someone passes away. This platform promises to revolutionise the way the legal tech industry handles bereavement.


AiroLuggage provides a much-needed solution for weary travellers. Their door-to-door luggage shipping service simplifies travel, making it a favourite amongst IT startups in the city.

PENSOL Technologies

PENSOL Technologies is renowned for its unique and professional website design services. From e-commerce to social media marketing, PENSOL Technologies covers all areas needed to boost an online presence.

Greener Clarity

Greener Clarity has built a global green collaboration platform entrenched in digital AI-driven core, contributing to cleaner and more sustainable practices, particularly in transportation and travel.

Eolas Insight

Eolas Insight provides analytics and information to those in charge of monitoring animal populations and ecosystems, filling a notable gap in data-driven biological observation.


Fluxart is pushing the boundaries of sustainable transport by offering zero-emission mobility solutions, setting the pace in Glasgow’s clean tech sector.

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Filament STAC

Filament STAC is a distinctive IT tech accelerator nurturing Scottish start-ups into globally competitive businesses. This accelerator is a testament to the city’s commitment to the growth of its tech sector.


SEA proposes a unique solution to our environmental data needs, offering a blockchain-based ecosystem for secure and efficient data management.

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