Which Crowdfunding Startups Are Revolutionising UK’s Finance Industry in 2023?

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Welcome to UKT.news, your primary source for information pertaining to the thriving start-up environment in the United Kingdom. In this article, we pivot our focus onto the incredible world of crowdfunding, where dreams and concepts brought by intelligent minds are brought to life by the collective will and financial backing of the people. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking inspiration or a potential investor looking for promising ventures, the following collection of revolutionary companies and platforms are sure to captivate your interest.

The crowdfunding landscape in the United Kingdom is characterized by an impressive diversity spanning various sectors fostered by gifted individuals and teams. This article promises endeavors in blockchain technology, social entrepreneurship, art, fintech, and much more, all of whom share the dynamic principle of leveraging public support for their realization. Brace yourself for an exploration of fifteen innovative crowdfunding startups that operate in the UK.

Each startup featured in this article comes with a brief description, a link to its website, and a concise profile of the founder or founders steering each enterprise. Get ready to delve into the realm of UK crowdfundings and brace yourself for an awe-inspiring introduction to some of the great minds at the forefront of this domain.


Crowdsourcer.io is a web platform that offers project collaboration management services. They are contributing to the crowdfunding, developer platform, and project management industries. The venture is yet anonymous as far as the founding team is concerned.

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GivingStreets empowers cashless donations using blockchain. The startup is driven by founders Dimitris Dres and Dimitris Vassiliadis.


FACE DONATE connects donors to recipients, creating a caring ecosystem. This crowdfunding platform is established by founders Alberto De Biasio and Alexandr Kulakov.


Ko-fi is an endearing platform for creators to seek support. Founded by Nigel Pickles and Simon Ellington, the startup operates in the crowdfunding, music, and sports sectors.

Vertex Market

Vertex Market offers a peer to peer trading platform for cryptocurrencies. The fintech venture is led by founder Alessandro Pecorelli.

Gallium Ventures

Gallium Ventures provides strategic communication consultancy for startups and large companies. Heather Delaney is at the helm of this venture.

QuoinStone Investment Management

QuoinStone is a boutique UK-focused real estate investor. The team comprises founders Steve Howling and Tim Struth.


Atvine is a marketplace for sustainable products from passionate individuals and brands worldwide.


SqGrowth offers an innovative funding solution for developing markets. It is run by founders Ali Rizvi and Aziz Sharif.

The Crowdfunding Agency

The Crowdfunding Agency was established to support crowdfunding campaigns.


BEABACKER is a crowdfunding platform tailored for content creators. This venture is steered by founder Luke Stephenson.


ArtSquare.io enables fine art investment for as little as €1. The fintech startup is founded by Fabrizio D’Aloia and Francesco Guinicelli.


Fundzzle merges invitation, group gift, and charity fundraising services. Catherine White and Michael Brown are the brains behind this private and secure platform.


Trolley is a tool designed to enable easy payments for any website, without the need for code or servers.

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LetsLocalise connects individuals, businesses, and charities to donate money for education. This online portal is the brainchild of founders Divya Garg and Gaurav Garg.

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