Who Are the Most Influential UK Public Relations Startups in 2023?

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The United Kingdom is home to a myriad of startups, spanning across various industries such as technology, finance, and retail. Interestingly, we have observed an upsurge within the public relations (PR) sector, which has been bolstered by the fast-paced changes in communication and technology. Startups within this industry are taking innovative approaches to provide their clients with unique solutions to boost their visibility and reputation in the market.

While the practice of PR is far from new, these startups are trailblazers in their field. They are the ones pushing the envelope, embracing the digital age and leveraging new technologies to offer data-driven, tailored PR solutions. Through their work, they are not just delivering PR services, but innovating the industry itself.

In this piece, we will delve into some of the most exciting PR startups currently based in the UK, from those specialising in core PR practices to others integrating artificial intelligence, political technology, and a range of other disciplines in their offerings.

Media Snug

Media Snug offers a broad spectrum of services including marketing, public relations, design, and web. Founded by Kerry Haynes, the company operates within various industries including advertising, digital marketing, graphic design, marketing, public relations, web design, and web hosting.


Specialising in artificial intelligence, Factmata provides an automated content understanding service. Factmata was founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel and operates within a swath of industries: from analytics, artificial intelligence, brand marketing to machine learning, news, public relations, SaaS, social media marketing, and text analytics.

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Grofuse is a digital marketing, website development, PR and graphic design company which offers a more traditional blend of services. Despite their varied services, PR remains central to their offering.


High Profile Club primarily operates in the fields of advertising and public relations. Founded by Brad Constantinescu, David Lewis, and Rafael dos Santos, this agency helps its client garner a high profile visibility through its innovative PR strategies.

Best 4 Promotions

Best 4 Promotions is a leaflet distribution and marketing company. Their PR services are grounded in direct marketing, so they’re sure to appeal to those looking for a more targeted, traditional approach.

Tyto PR

Tyto PR, co-founded by Brendon Craigie and Ellen Raphael, is a European PR agency with a focus on the colliding worlds of technology, science, and innovation. Their aim is to help clients navigate these often complex sectors with bespoke PR strategies.

Walnut Unlimited

Identifying themselves as the ‘human understanding’ agency, Walnut Unlimited combines PR with market research, offering clients a comprehensive and data-driven service.

OVID Health

OVID Health, founded by Jenny Ousbey, is a PR agency specialising in healthcare. They work with clients in the health and real estate sectors, providing tailored PR and communication strategies to meet their specific needs.

Gallium Ventures

Gallium Ventures, founded by Heather Delaney, is an award-winning strategic communications consultancy. They work across the spectrum, from early stage startups to large listed companies globally, with their services spanning from brand marketing, consulting, consumer electronics to crowdfunding, gaming, marketing, public relations, and social media marketing.

Make Honey

Make Honey offers a comprehensive list of services including public relations, social media, analytics, video production, and content marketing, offering a multi-faceted approach to promoting its clients.

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Legmark is a digital marketing agency offering content marketing, SEO, and web design services. Combining PR with SEO, their services are geared towards giving their clients a competitive edge in the digital world.

Think3 Studio

Founded by Grant Thompson and Lee Marples, Think3 Studio is a creative agency offering web design and development services. Juxtaposing PR with digital services, they help their clients ensure their online presence is in sync with their PR messaging.


IvyJack covers public relations, brand creation, content planning, social media, and advertising. With all of these fields integrated under one roof, the company offers its clients a uniform and harmonised strategy to bolster their reputation and visibility.


Merging politics and PR, PoliMonitor is a political technology company offering monitoring, analysis, and engagement services leveraging AI and automation. They help clients maintain their reputation by keeping an ear to the ground and offering business intelligence.

The Reputation People

As the name suggests, The Reputation People are solely focused on managing their clients’ reputations. Using various PR tools, they wrestle with the ever-important issue of maintaining a positive public image in today’s highly critical and fast-paced business environment.

These are just a selection of the exciting public relations startups currently operating in the UK. Each brings its own unique focus and approach to the sector, fuelling innovation and reshaping the PR industry for the better.

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