What are London’s Top Environmental Engineering Startups Shaping 2023?

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Environmental Engineering Startups in London are playing a significant role in addressing environmental challenges through innovative solutions in industries such as waste processing, air quality solutions, advanced engineering technology, carbon capture and energy production among others. These startups are putting vigilance and sustainability centre-stage in their respective fields. This article introduces a selection of London-based Environmental Engineering startups that are impacting positively on the world around us.

London is known for its vibrant startup scene. The city is home to many innovative companies that are positively impacting the world around us. One sector that is particularly thriving in the city is Environmental Engineering. Companies in this sector are utilising cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to tackle pressing environmental issues. In this article, we will showcase fifteen of these groundbreaking startups.

The selections are based on their unique technologies, forward-thinking approaches, and sustainability efforts. These companies are setting the pace in their respective industries by bridging technology and sustainability, showcasing how Environmental Engineering solutions can combat pressing ecological issues and pave the way to a more sustainable future.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom is a recycling company on a mission to end polymer waste. Co-founded by Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, they develop, build and operate new generation infrastructure for processing waste.


U-Earth, founded by Betta Maggio, offers companies total air quality biotech solutions based on unparalleled technology and a global community.

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OUTER Industries

OUTER Industries is about advanced engineering technology. The company is paving the way in Aerospace, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Space Travel.

NEO Energy

NEO Energy is focused on combining value creation from the prospective North Sea basin with high Environmental, Social and Governance standards.


RESOLVE is a huge effort that gives scientists an efficient way to put their carbon capture and storage research into practice.

Protium Green Solutions

Protium Green Solutions, founded by Chris Jackson, is a green hydrogen and fuel cell project developer.


Karakoram, founded by Josh Thomas, is an award-winning impact incubator that creates breakthrough solutions for the world’s toughest humanitarian challenges.


Counteract was established by Andrew Shebbeare and Andy Bonsall with a mission of combating the climate crisis through insight, investment and invention in carbon removal.


Iduna, co-founded by Adrian Gray and Asif Ghafoor, provides an innovative car charging scheme.


molecu, founded by Amr El Zanfally, aims to make carbon offsetting not only credible and impactful, but also convenient and cost-effective.


CarbonLaces offers environmental consulting services, implementing groundbreaking finance and fintech solutions.


TerraPraxis, founded by Eric Ingersoll and Kirsty Alexander, is a nonprofit organization innovating and incubating scalable solutions for a livable planet.


mstep, founded by Aleksandra Sasha Krstanovic, offers building, MEP, and environmental consulting services that cater to the needs of small and medium businesses.

Bx Technologies

Bx Technologies, co-founded by Antony Yousefian and Ben Bardsley, is a software platform connecting growers and consumers with the goal of reversing climate change through food production.

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44.01, founded by Ehab Tasfai, Karan Khimji, and Talal Hasan, is a startup with a clear mission – they eliminate CO2.

The Environmental Engineering scene in London is remarkably innovative and these startups prove that engineering, sustainability and economic growth can go hand in-hand. Each one of these 15 startups is undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on for their unique solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

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