Who Are the Most Influential London-based Hedge Fund Startups in 2023?

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London, the financial capital of Europe, boasts a thriving startup scene with a strong focus on FinTech, including hedge fund startups. These innovative companies are pushing the boundaries of traditional hedge fund strategies and implementing cutting-edge technology to enhance their investment approaches. This article features an interesting array of hedge fund startups and companies emerging from London, England, United Kingdom, each specialising in different aspects of the industry.

These startups bring unique approaches to the hedge fund industry, from utilising artificial intelligence and big data insights, to decentralising portfolio management with smart contracts and offering SaaS solutions for asset managers. The companies range in their development stages; some have robust established teams, while others are still in their early phases, all making significant contributions to the industry nonetheless.

Here are the fifteen most notable hedge fund startups in London that you need to know about:

Three Body Capital

Three Body Capital is a hedge fund that specialises in finance, investment management, and impact investing. Its focus is on rendering financial services that ingeniously incorporate financial strategies that tackle socio-environmental challenges.

Expat Investment Group

The Expat Investment Group is an ambitious team redefining the hedge fund industry. This syndicate of MFO & SFO has access to more than £200MM, marking its place in the financial landscape.

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Lighthouse FX

Co-founded by Nick Burns, Lighthouse FX is an undisputed leader in foreign exchange, currency hedging, property purchase, treasury management, and currency exchange services.


Founded by Martha Chagas Felix and Wolfgang Felix, Sarria provides compelling investment views based on profound fundamental and legal analysis.


3AI, co-founded by Hassan Salamony, Jacob Ayres-Thomson, and Simon Judd, empowers investors with big data insights, combining the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

MAIA Technology

MAIA Technology employs SaaS solutions to enhance the investing and operation activities of asset managers and hedge funds.

THETA Trading Systems

Co-founded by Abdullah Hiyatt and Paul Wallace, the London-based FinTech startup THETA Trading Systems specialises in asset management, cloud infrastructure, software, and sustainability among others.

Galaxis Network

Galaxis Network is a pioneering who are developing an online financial platform which decentralises portfolio management with smart contracts.


Fabriik, led by Roy Bernhard, is busy weaving together a digital asset marketplace to revolutionise how you hold, trade and grow every asset.

GSD Capital

Co-founded by Russel Lane, Timothy Goldberg and Tom Welsh, GSD Capital is a robust investment management firm leveraging artificial intelligence in its operations.

Reframe Capital

Benjamin Lamping leads Reframe Capital, a financial firm that offers investment solutions, business development services and capital raising.


Investcorp-Tages is a financial services firm specialising in hedge funds and alternative investment strategies.

The Asper Company

The Asper Company, co-founded by Callum L Grady and Fahad Hafiz, is a renowned name in the financial services industry.

Nekton Capital

Fraser Maingay’s Nekton Capital is a prosperous hedge fund management firm that provides risk-adjusted returns and investment identification services in equity markets.

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UCL Hedge Fund Society

The UCL Hedge Fund Society comprises a team of skilled financial professionals who offer hedge fund simulations, trading management and foreign exchange services.

These London-based startups, with their disruptive technologies and innovative services, show that the UK’s hedge fund industry is far from stagnant. By leveraging technology and offering unique services, they are redefining the way investors and hedge fund managers operate.

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