Startup Showcase: ComeLetsBuy – Revolutionizing Online Shopping in the UK

The Power of Collective Buying - Innovative and Money-saving Shopping Experience

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ComeLetsBuy introduces a new approach to online shopping, offering a revolutionary shopping experience that combines the power of bulk buying with collective bargaining. Founded in London, ComeLetsBuy is a Collective Shopping Platform that empowers UK shoppers to join groups and get bulk discounts on various products and services, from fashion and electronics to travel and entertainment.

What is ComeLetsBuy?

ComeLetsBuy is a philosophy that challenges the traditional way of shopping and introduces a more collaborative and cost-effective approach. It is a concept that encourages people to come together and pool their buying power to negotiate better deals from suppliers. ComeLetsBuy is a platform that enables shoppers to create or join groups, choose products they want to buy, and then bid for the lowest price they can get from suppliers. The more people join a group, the better discounts they can achieve.

Revolutionizing Online Shopping

ComeLetsBuy aims to change the way UK consumers shop by eliminating the need for individuals to negotiate prices on their own. It provides a new and exciting way for shoppers to get great deals and access to exclusive products and services that are not available to buy individually. With ComeLetsBuy, shoppers have the power to influence prices and create demand for particular products. This innovative shopping experience also promotes social interaction where strangers can join forces to reach a common goal and get great savings.

How It Works

ComeLetsBuy has a simple and user-friendly platform that allows shoppers to search for products, join groups or create new ones, bid for prices, and get discounts for their every purchase. The platform features various categories of products, including electronics, home appliances, fashion, travel, and other consumer goods. Each product has its own group, with a minimum number of required members to start bidding. Once a group reaches the minimum number of participants, it can start bidding for the lowest price from suppliers. The bidding process lasts for a limited period, and the group with the lowest bid wins the deal.

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Benefits for Shoppers

ComeLetsBuy offers a wide range of benefits for shoppers who want to save money and enjoy a new shopping experience. For one, they can get access to exclusive deals and products that are not available on other online shopping sites. They can also join groups of like-minded shoppers who share the same interests and preferences, thereby promoting social interaction and networking. Furthermore, shoppers can enjoy significant savings on their purchases, with discounts ranging from 20% to 70%, depending on the number of participants in a given group.


ComeLetsBuy is a groundbreaking startup that is changing the landscape of online shopping in the UK. By introducing a revolutionary approach that combines the power of collective buying and bargaining, ComeLetsBuy is empowering UK shoppers to get the best deals on a wide range of products and services. Its user-friendly platform, innovative features, and exclusive deals make it a must-try for anyone who wants to save money and enjoy a unique shopping experience. ComeLetsBuy is also offering £5 cashback to new customers who use Moneybookers’ eWallet for their first transactions, making it a particularly enticing option for those seeking a secure, fast, and efficient payment solution.



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