Discover the Future of Video Streaming: 15 Exciting London Startups

Revolutionizing the Way We Stream Video Content.

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Revolutionizing the Way We Stream Video Content

London, England, is known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in various industries. One sector that has seen tremendous growth and disruption is video streaming. From platforms focused on mental health and wellbeing to blockchain-based startups, London is home to a diverse range of companies transforming the way we consume video content. In this article, we will showcase and explore 15 fascinating video streaming startups that are making waves in the UK capital.

Discover Film: Bridging Entertainment and Wellbeing

Discover Film is a technology platform that offers a unique blend of mental health, wellbeing, and entertainment content through short-form videos. Founded by Sarah Jane Thomson and Steve Harmston, this startup has created a space where users can find engaging videos that cater to their emotional and mental needs.

Cudo Ventures: Sustainable Cloud Computing for a Better Future

Cudo Ventures is a London-based startup that provides sustainable cloud computing and Tech4Good monetization software. With its presence in over 145 countries, the company aims to revolutionize cloud infrastructure while promoting environmental sustainability. Led by Matt Hawkins, Cudo Ventures is making a significant impact in the blockchain and cloud computing industries.

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TaTaTu Enterprises: Empowering Video Streaming with Blockchain

TaTaTu Enterprises is a pioneering blockchain-based video startup that leverages the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. With Andrea Iervolino at the helm, this London startup is reshaping the video streaming landscape, offering innovative solutions and enhanced transparency for both content creators and viewers.

Uneek Media: A Creative Agency for Video Production and Streaming

Uneek Media is a dynamic creative agency specializing in video production, streaming, branding, translation, and copywriting. With their expertise, this London-based startup assists businesses in effectively communicating their messages through captivating visual content.

BEABACKER: Crowdfunding Platform for Content Creators

BEABACKER is a crowdfunding platform designed specifically for content creators. Luke Stephenson, the founder of this London startup, aims to empower artists, musicians, and video game developers by providing them with a platform to fund their creative projects and engage with their audience.

Miraj Stories: Healthy Halal Screen Time for Kids

Miraj Stories is a London-based startup that addresses the need for healthy and educational digital content in the global Muslim market. By offering apps, audiobooks, and online games, Miraj Stories ensures that children have access to engaging and culturally relevant content while adhering to Halal guidelines. Adiba Ataeva is one of the visionary founders behind this innovative startup.

Minute Shorts: Curated Short Films for Time-Conscious Viewers

Minute Shorts is a video streaming platform that revolutionizes the way we watch short films. The platform allows users to discover and enjoy high-quality short films based on the time they have available. With founders Janvier Wete and Julian Vifor leading the way, this London startup offers a unique and tailored viewing experience.

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Purely Capital: Empowering the Media and Entertainment Industry

Purely Capital is a London-based startup that focuses on financing solutions for the media and entertainment industry. By assisting producers, rights owners, and other industry professionals, Elaine Godfrey and Wayne Marc Godfrey, the founders of Purely Capital, play a crucial role in driving innovation and enabling the creation of compelling video content.

yord: Generation Z Social Network with a Gaming Twist

yord is a London startup that has created a social network specifically for Generation Z. Going beyond traditional social media platforms, yord introduces gaming elements to engage and entertain its users. Dmitry Kochergin and Kirill Mannyanov are the visionary founders behind this exciting venture.

paus: Connecting Creators and Audiences through Video Sharing

paus is a London-based video sharing platform that aims to connect creators with their audiences. By enabling micro-payments, paus empowers content creators to monetize their work and foster a direct relationship with their fans. Rishi Kapoor is one of the driving forces behind this innovative startup.

Noor Play: Broadcasting Company with a Focus on Streaming

Noor Play is a broadcasting company that provides streaming services for TV shows, movies, and kids’ content. With a diverse range of entertainment offerings, Noor Play is a go-to platform for individuals seeking high-quality streaming content. This London-based startup is making waves in the media and entertainment industry.

Video Outreach: Enabling Effective B2B Sales through Video

Video Outreach is a startup that offers dashboard reporting, B2B sales appointments, and CRM integration services. Their focus on video-based communication helps businesses improve lead generation and sales conversion. With their innovative solutions, Video Outreach is transforming the advertising and CRM industries.

London Filmed: Revolutionizing Event Management with Video

London Filmed is an event-tech company that leverages video streaming to enhance event management and broadcasting. Nicholas Forster and Thomas Mahon, the founders of London Filmed, are redefining the way events are captured, shared, and experienced through their innovative approach.

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Global Captive Podcast: Expert Insights into the Captive Market

Global Captive Podcast is a podcast stream that provides expert insights into the global captive market. This London startup, founded by Richard Cutcher, brings thought-provoking discussions and analysis to the digital media landscape, catering to those interested in the captivating world of captives.

Volta: Empowering Artists with XR Creation Tools

Volta is an XR (extended reality) creation platform that offers artists and creators the tools to design and broadcast experiential content. With a focus on virtual reality and 3D technology, founders Alex Kane, Mitchell Bayer-Goldman, and Will Dixon are reshaping the way we consume and interact with immersive media.


London’s video streaming startup scene is brimming with innovation, with these 15 exciting companies leading the charge. From platforms revolutionizing short-form video content to startups leveraging blockchain and XR technology, each company brings a unique approach to the world of video streaming. As these startups continue to disrupt the industry, London’s position as a hub for video streaming innovation is set to strengthen further. Keep an eye on these startups, as they are poised to shape the future of how we consume and engage with video content.

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