Which Industrial Startups Are Shaping The United Kingdom’s 2023 Landscape?

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Welcome to the start of a revolution! As you might imagine, the industrial sector in the United Kingdom is diverse, expansive, and evolving. Innovative minds sparked with determination are coupling technology with industry, thereby seeking to make significant strides in a realm that often disrupts societal norms and the status quo. Eminent and budding industry leaders in the industrial space are guiding us towards what might very well be Industry 5.0. Today, we are going to deeply explore these foundational startups that are constructing the industrial script for the next frontier of innovation and efficiency. Without further ado, let us plunge into the world of technology, adaptive minds, determination, and industrial change.


Founded by Andrii Seleznov and Maryna Kuzmenko, Petiole fuses agriculture and technology to provide yield prediction and monitoring solutions for plants using smartphones. Operating in sectors such as agriculture, AgTech, cannabis, farming, flowers, horticulture, and industrial automation, Petiole endeavors to advance precision farming.

Universal Trading Partners

Universal Trading Partners supply a cornucopia of spare parts for home appliances and small electrical appliances. In the home services and industrial electronics sectors, they contribute by making our everyday lives more manageable through reliable appliances.


Brainchild of Brian Miller and Monika Tomecka, uFraction8 explores the nexus between biotechnology and industrial engineering. They focus on developing sustainable and efficient microfluidics-based filtration systems for bio-manufacturers. Working in the clean tech and manufacturing fields extends their reach and impact.

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Metis Labs

Metis Labs is targeting the molding of more efficient manufacturing processes through intelligent software. Spearheaded by founders Alex Appelbe and Bashir Beikzadeh, this startup deals prominently with the energy, industrial, manufacturing, and software industries.

3DC Ltd

3DC Ltd, founded by Alex Ziff, brings manufacturing into the 21st century by offering on-demand manufacturing platforms and toolkits. Operating in the 3D printing, drones, industrial engineering, and manufacturing spaces means they are leveraging both computing power and human endeavor. Check them out here.

Cevitr Limited

IT firm Cevitr delivers robotic process automation (RPA) as a fully managed service. Their services extend to assistive technology, industrial automation, information technology, machine learning, robotics, and software sectors.

Awen Collective Ltd

Awen Collective, co-founded by Andrew Blyth, Daniel Lewis, and Jules Farrow, boosts cyber resilience in critical national infrastructures and manufacturers. A critical player in cyber security, data visualization, industrial, risk management, and software fields, they are fundamental in ensuring secure digital connections.

Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems leverages products that measure, control and monitor liquid, critical to environmental engineering, industrial automation, and manufacturing.

BIG Atom

Founders Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss are relentlessly pursuing the end of polymer waste through their recycling company, BIG Atom. They develop, build, and operate new generation infrastructure for processing waste. They are cutting-edge pioneers in the chemical engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, oil and gas, recycling, and waste management sectors.


EnigmaMS, led by David Blyth, Marc Heitman, and Simon Franchini, offers an intelligent deep science platform for storing and analyzing data. This platform enriches analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, chemical, industrial automation, and machine learning sectors with its ability to autonomously create science.

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Plyable aims to build the definitive global marketplace for composite tooling. Founders Adam England, Adam Lofts, and Martin Oughton have successfully navigated sectors such as artificial intelligence, CAD, computer vision, hardware, industrial automation, machine learning, manufacturing, marketplace, SaaS, and software.

Actuation Lab

Actuation Lab tackles the issue of high servicingrequirements and poor longevity of current actuators. Founders Michael Dicker, Simon Bates, and Thomas Llewellyn-Jones strive for long-lasting industrial solutions.

Machine Eye Technology

Machine Eye Technology, pioneered by Brendan Digney, creates an intelligent safety system for agricultural and industrial machinery. By connecting industrial manufacturing and software sectors, they underpin vital safety protocols.


Co-founded by Craig Higgins and Giles Vickers-Jones, PropiFi offers property investment management platforms. Operating in the commercial and industrial realms, they create new realities for property investment.


In the artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and industrial automation sectors, Rafiq Swash’s Aidrivers develops sustainable autonomous mobility solutions.

In conclusion, Britain’s industrial scene is colourful and vibrant, filled with dynamic startups cementing their place in the foundation of Industry 5.0. They are leveraging technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize industries like agricultural, manufacturing, recycling, and more. Threading together technology with industry, these startups amplify efficiency, ushering us closer to bridging the gap towards a more sustainable future. The future is now, and it’s right here, in the United Kingdom!

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