Which Are London’s Most Influential Energy Startups Transforming the Industry?

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London, widely known for its diverse and innovative startup scene, is also a hub for entrepreneurs focusing on creating companies that address one of our time’s defining global challenges – energy. Whether it’s renewable energy, energy efficiency or logistics, these innovators are entirely redefining the energy landscape. Here, we reveal fascinating energy startups and companies that are shaking up the industry in London and beyond.

These energy startups are harnessing the power of technology, exploring new business models and reimagining what energy could mean to consumers and businesses. Not only are they driving us towards a more sustainable future, but they’re also offering fascinating new solutions in a sector traditionally dominated by giant incumbents.

A combination of factors like progressive regulations, access to funding and a rich talent pool, make London an ideal location for these energy startups. From harnessing the power of AI to developing battery storage tech, let’s dive in and explore what these London-based startups are doing.

USIO Energy

USIO Energy is pioneering the energy company of the future, leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver electricity and gas that perfectly matches consumers’ lifestyles. The startup, co-founded by Vincent Tuk, is disrupting the industry by bridging the gap between technology and energy.

Zenobe Energy

Zenobe Energy, co-founded by James Basden, Nicholas Beatty, and Steven Meersman, is the UK’s largest independent owner and operator of battery storage. Their innovative approach to storing energy is vital in ensuring a reliable, sustainable energy supply.

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Midas Investment Group Limited

Midas Investment Group is a private investment group focusing on smart, sustainable companies in the renewable energy sector. Their commitment to sustainability is reshaping how investments are understood and managed, thus contributing to a green economy.

Metis Labs

Metis Labs, co-founded by Alex Appelbe and Bashir Beikzadeh, is focused on improving manufacturing processes’ performance through intelligent software. Their solutions bring energy efficiency to the heart of industries, offering substantial cost savings.

Electric Miles

Electric Miles has developed an Intelligent Internet of Energy Charging Platform. Co-founded by Arun Anand, it blends AI with charging infrastructure, simplifying the process for electric vehicle owners.


Signol is a software startup co-founded by Dan White, Daniel White, and Robert Metcalfe. The team at Signol concentrates on fuel efficiency by analysing operational data, helping organizations reduce their carbon footprint.

UK Business Energy

UK Business Energy is an energy comparison startup that connects reputable suppliers of business gas & electric to businesses, making the energy market more accessible and transparent than ever before.


Addionics, co-founded by Farid Tariq, Moshiel Biton and Vladimir Yufit, is revolutionizing the battery sphere by creating next-generation batteries through intelligent 3D battery architecture. This advancement could prove transformative for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.


Zeigo, founded by Juan Pablo Cerda, is a climate-tech platform that connects renewable energy supply and demand worldwide. Through their platform, Zeigo is accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy.

National Energy Holdings

National Energy Holdings focuses on developing, financing and operating renewable energy assets, underscoring the shift towards sustainable energy and the financial potential it holds.

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Liquid Logical

Liquid Logical, founded by Timothy Popov, offers a patented technology to instantly boil water, presenting a significant step forward for energy efficiency in a myriad of applications.

Lake Parime

Lake Parime, founded by Sath Ganesarajah, develops energy-efficient, long-lasting infrastructure to support decentralized computing, combining energy innovation and blockchain technology.

Clean Planet Energy

Clean Planet Energy, co-founded by Adel Louertatani, provides an answer to the plastic and carbon crises by converting non-recyclable plastics into ultra-clean fuel. This innovative approach tackles two of our most looming environmental challenges.

EcoNomad Solutions

EcoNomad Solutions, co-founded by Alexander Demenko and Ilan Adler, is an agritech startup focused on the sustainability of smallholder farming worldwide by combining agriculture and renewable energy.


BLOC-X, founded by Andrew Toumazi, provides electronic trading software for OTC Oil Block Future markets, reducing transaction costs by up to 90%. Through their platform, BLOC-X brings transparency and streamlined processes to the energy trading sector.

All the aforementioned startups and companies show that the energy sector’s future lies in innovation, sustainability, and technology. London’s commitment to nurturing this innovative scene sets an example for cities around the globe. As the energy landscape continues to evolve rapidly, these companies are making significant strides towards a cleaner, more efficient and reliable energy future.

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