From Car Care to Social Communities: 15 Must-Know iOS Startups in the UK

Unveiling the Powerhouses Shaping the iOS Startup Landscape.

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The iOS startup ecosystem in England, United Kingdom, is abuzz with innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. From cutting-edge apps to revolutionary mobile technologies, these startups are driving change and making waves in various industries. In this article, we showcase 15 exciting iOS startups that are making their mark in England.

Evercloud: A Hub of Business App Discoveries

Evercloud has established itself as a prominent business app discovery platform, catering to startups and SMEs. By aggregating the best apps and tools, Evercloud simplifies the process of finding essential resources for businesses. With its focus on iOS and mobile apps, Evercloud is a valuable companion for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations.

Nevercode: Empowering Mobile App Developers

Nevercode has emerged as a reliable provider of Continuous Integration & Delivery services for mobile app developers. With a strong presence in the Android and iOS realms, Nevercode enables developers to automate their workflows and ensure seamless app development processes. By reducing time-consuming manual tasks, Nevercode empowers developers to focus on creating remarkable mobile experiences.

Human Race: Connecting and Inspiring Through Fitness

Human Race offers a real-time platform that fosters connections and inspires individuals worldwide through fitness. This iOS startup has created a space where people can come together, share their experiences, and motivate one another. With a strong emphasis on fitness and sports, Human Race encourages a healthy lifestyle while promoting a sense of community among its users.

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YumXYZ: Mobile App Revolutionizing E-Commerce

YumXYZ has introduced a game-changing mobile app that revolutionizes the e-commerce landscape. With a focus on convenience and user experience, YumXYZ provides a seamless platform for customers to discover, explore, and purchase products. By leveraging the power of iOS and mobile technology, YumXYZ is reshaping the future of online shopping.

Zedd Ltd: Redefining Social Networking

Zedd Ltd has developed a social networking app that redefines the way we connect and engage with others. With a strong presence in the Internet of Things and mobile realms, Zedd Ltd aims to create a unique social media experience. By harnessing the power of iOS, Zedd Ltd’s app bridges the gap between virtual and real-world interactions.

Mosaic Networks: Empowering Distributed Applications

Mosaic Networks specializes in creating middleware for distributed applications. With a focus on iOS, mobile, and software development, Mosaic Networks provides the tools and infrastructure needed to build robust and scalable applications. By enabling seamless communication between various components, Mosaic Networks empowers developers to create innovative solutions.

Sweeft Digital | A Making Science Company: Mobile Solutions for All

Sweeft Digital, a subsidiary of Making Science, offers comprehensive mobile development, software, and web solutions services. With expertise in Android, iOS, and web development, Sweeft Digital caters to businesses of all sizes. By combining creativity and technical excellence, Sweeft Digital brings ideas to life in the digital realm.

PlayHit: Harmonizing Music and Messaging

PlayHit keyboard brings a unique twist to how we interact with our loved ones across messaging channels. By integrating music, messaging, and social media, PlayHit enables users to communicate through their favorite tunes. With a strong focus on cybersecurity and information technology, PlayHit ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for its users.

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Stacker: Building Software Without Coding

Stacker is a revolutionary no-code software creation platform that empowers developers to build applications without coding. With a strong presence in Android, iOS, and software development, Stacker simplifies the app development process. By democratizing software creation, Stacker brings innovative ideas to life without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Dropless: On-Demand Car Care for the Future

Dropless has transformed the car care industry with its on-demand car wash, valet, and servicing services. With a commitment to sustainability and water purification, Dropless offers a convenient solution for automotive enthusiasts. By leveraging iOS and mobile technology, Dropless brings car care services directly to customers’ doorsteps.

Serendipity: Exploring the Power of Location-Based Services

Serendipity introduces a mobile app that harnesses the potential of location-based services. With a strong emphasis on Android, iOS, and social media, Serendipity connects users based on their geographical proximity. By facilitating serendipitous encounters and meaningful connections, Serendipity adds a touch of excitement to users’ daily lives.

Nextlayer: Empowering Developers Through Mobile Apps

Nextlayer is an iOS startup that empowers developers with its mobile app solutions. With a focus on app development, developer tools, and software engineering, Nextlayer provides developers with the resources and frameworks to create exceptional applications. By staying at the forefront of mobile technology, Nextlayer supports developers in their quest to innovate.

Flagsmith: Seamlessly Managing Feature Flags

Flagsmith offers a powerful feature flag and remote configuration management platform across web, mobile, and server-side applications. With a commitment to open-source principles, Flagsmith empowers developers to experiment, release features, and gather insights with ease. By simplifying A/B testing and software engineering, Flagsmith enhances the development process.

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Bikeslice: Connecting Cyclists through a Social Community

Bikeslice is a social community application designed for cycling enthusiasts. By leveraging the power of iOS and mobile apps, Bikeslice connects cyclists, fosters community engagement, and provides a platform to share experiences. With a strong focus on Android and iOS, Bikeslice revolutionizes the way cyclists connect and interact.

Zapplan: Unleashing the Potential of Location-Based Messaging

Zapplan is a free iOS and Android app that taps into the power of location-based services and messaging. With a focus on apps, information technology, and software development, Zapplan facilitates communication based on users’ geographical proximity. By combining convenience, innovation, and connectivity, Zapplan enriches the messaging experience.


The iOS startup landscape in England is brimming with innovation and creativity. These 15 startups showcased the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial talent in the country. From app discovery platforms to social networking apps, these startups are shaping industries and revolutionizing user experiences. As they continue to thrive, they inspire others to pursue their dreams and build remarkable ventures in the world of iOS startups.

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