What Are the Most Influential UK Location-Based Services Startups Today?

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The United Kingdom is known for its innovative tech startups, specifically in the Location Based Services (LBS) industry. These startups leverage the power of geographical positioning technologies to provide unique and valuable services to their customers. In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and promising LBS startups in the UK. These startups demonstrate the diverse uses of location data, from marketing, to aviation, to fitness, and beyond.

Loc8tech, with its technology, helps businesses increase their customer engagement and conversion rates through location-specific marketing and communication tactics. The company is in the Information Technology, Internet, Location Based Services, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Software industry. For more information, you can visit their website here.


This startup has developed a mobile app under Location Based Services and Social Media industry. You can explore more on their website.


A platform that allows drone pilots to collaborate with their organisation remotely, from anywhere in the world, Dronestream is a leading startup in the Apps, Drones, Location Based Services. The company was founded by Denys Babych and Harry Howe. See their website here.

Limitless Insight

Limitless Insight combines location, store and social data on a cloud platform. It belongs to the Analytics, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, Location Based Services, SaaS industries, founded by Gary McDonald. Visit their website for more details.

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Opening Times Post Office UK

This innovative service helps users in the UK find out whether the nearest post office is open or not. Find more details on their website.

Global Language Solution LTD

Global Language Solution operates in Education, Information Technology, Language Learning, Location Based Services, Translation Service industries. Founded by Vitaliy Tishin, they provide professional language translation services. You can check out their services here.

Fitu App

Fitu App offers group fitness classes from freelance trainers for the price of a pint at any desired time and location. Koen van den Heuvel and Rodrigo Contreras are the founders. Learn more on their website.


Coposition is a secure platform for managing location data and falls under Developer APIs, Geospatial, Location Based Services, Mobile Apps and Privacy sectors. You can visit their website to learn more.


KODR.com is an IT job search engine for the UK. It operates in the Human Resources, Location Based Services, Search Engine, Social Media, Staffing Agency sectors. Visit their website for more.


Operating in the Android, iOS, Location Based Services, Social Media, Software sectors, Serendipity is a mobile app startup founded by Ben Hedley. Visit their website for app details.


Zapplan, a free to download app, belongs to the Apps, IT, iOS, Location Based Services, Messaging, Software sectors. The startup was founded by Aran Samra and Saul Liang. Check them out here.


Viajé App provides real-time location-based audio commentary and information related to Places Of Interest for commuters and tourists across the globe. It operates in the IT and Location Based Services sectors.

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ARWAY is a spatial mapping platform critical to building the Metaverse, founded by Baran Korkmaz, Damien Arnaud, Dovydas Bereisa. They operate under AI, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Developer Platform Tools, Location Based Services, Mapping Services, Navigation and Software sectors. Visit their website here.


TubeChat, the only short-range messaging app designed to work on the London Underground where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi, operates in the Gaming, Location Based Services, Messaging, Software, and Wireless sectors. It was founded by Nina Tumanishvili. Get their app from their website.

ZIPZERO Global Limited

ZIPZERO, operating in the Consumer Research, E-Commerce, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Lead Generation, Location Based Services, Market Research, Retail, and Retail Technology sectors, lets your shopping pay your bills. Founded by Agnes Monod-Gayraud, Aymeric Monod-Gayraud, Marcin Walaszczyk, you can check them out here.

In the evolving world of technology and innovation, these startups stand out with their unique services leveraging the power of geographical position. Their creative applications of location data are changing the landscape of various industries, from retail to fitness to language translation, and more. The next time you need a service, consider checking these out!

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