Startup Showcase: Limna Industries – The AI-Powered Art Advisor in Your Pocket

Discover, Buy and Appreciate Art with Confidence.

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As the world’s first AI-powered art advisor, Limna Industries has disrupted the traditional art market by providing art lovers with a revolutionary platform to discover, buy, and appreciate art with confidence. Using machine learning, Limna analyses millions of art world data points in seconds to offer users precise valuation details about the paintings and photographs that inspire them. With over 700,000 artists tracked across over 1,000,000 exhibitions from 1863 to present day, Limna delivers expert insights and personalised recommendations on a massive scale.

Introducing Limna Industries

Founded in 2019, Limna Industries hails from London, England, and is led by a passionate team of art and tech enthusiasts. The team boasts extensive industry experience and expertise in creating state-of-the-art AI-powered algorithms that bring a new dimension of convenience and accuracy to the art market.

Limna Industries is a unique art tech startup, which has quickly gained global recognition for its innovative approach to the art market. Their expert curation of art collections is evident in their unique mobile app, which makes it possible for art enthusiasts to discover artworks that they would have never found otherwise.

How Limna Industries Works

Limna Industries’ AI-powered database of artworks allows them to offer their customers a personalised art experience. Through its mobile platform, Limna Industries’ customers can upload an image of the artwork they are interested in and receive real-time information about the piece, including its value and market trends.

Limna Industries’ database also enables the app to create customized collections for customers based on their aesthetic preferences. The app recommends artworks from a variety of sources, including galleries, online marketplaces, and artists themselves.

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Limna Industries is focused on supporting living artists who are yet to gain mainstream recognition. It sees this as a critical part of its mandate to drive innovation in the art industry by facilitating the discovery of new talents.

Empowering Art Collectors with Valuable Insights

One of the most significant challenges that new collectors face is evaluating the art that they are interested in buying. Without expert insights, they can easily make poor investments. Limna Industries addresses this problem by providing trustworthy and data-driven analysis of acquired works.

The app offers a wealth of information about each artwork, including detailed artist biographies, provenance, exhibition history, and more. It also provides up-to-date valuation data for each piece, ensuring that collectors can make informed purchasing decisions. Limna Industries’ mobile platform efficiently handles the entire buying process, connecting collectors with reputable galleries while providing individualised support throughout each stage of the acquisition.


With the advent of Limna Industries, art lovers can now access the world of art with more confidence and convenience than ever before, thanks to its AI-powered platform. Limna Industries’ cutting-edge technology, expert analysis, and personalized curation have made it the go-to art advisor for anyone interested in the artistic world. As a startup with a mission to revolutionize the art world, Limna Industries is well-positioned to transform the market by removing barriers to entry and opening up a whole new world of possibilities for art enthusiasts around the world.





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