Startup Showcase: ZIPZERO – Let Your Shopping Pay Your Bill

An innovative solution that turns everyday shopping receipts into cash rewards that help pay utility bills.

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ZIPZERO is a London-based startup that offers a unique solution to the problem of data exploitation by big tech companies. The company’s app allows consumers to take control of their data and earn cash rewards for sharing their shopping receipts. The rewards can then be used to pay off recurring utility bills, making ZIPZERO a powerful tool for improving household finances.

Unique Selling Proposition

ZIPZERO’s USP lies in its ability to capture product-level spend data from consenting consumers across all their retail transactions. This data is highly valuable and currently not available through Open Banking. By offering advertisers access to this data in real-time, ZIPZERO is able to create a unique consumer insights and marketing platform. This platform helps fund the cash rewards offered to consumers and allows ZIPZERO to divert the £26bn spent annually on digital advertising towards the payment of consumers’ utility bills.

How it Works

ZIPZERO’s app is available for iOS and Android devices. To start earning cash rewards, users simply need to take a picture of any shopping receipt (physical or digital) and upload it to the app. The app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract the purchase details and categorize the items. This allows ZIPZERO to create a detailed shopping profile for each user that can be used to generate highly targeted advertising.

Advertisers fund the cash rewards offered by ZIPZERO in exchange for access to this shopping data. When a user earns a cash reward, they can choose to use it to pay off any recurring utility bill. The app currently supports payments to over 100 UK utility providers, including energy, water, and broadband companies. Once a payment is made, the app automatically updates the user’s reward balance.

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ZIPZERO was launched in March 2022 and has already attracted over 100,000 active users. These users have shared more than 4 million receipts, with an estimated retail value of over £50 million. The startup has also gained the support of leading utilities who are partnering with ZIPZERO to help their customers pay their bills.


ZIPZERO offers a compelling solution to the problem of data exploitation by big tech companies. By giving consumers the ability to monetize their data and earn cash rewards, the startup is making a meaningful impact on household finances. With partnerships already established with leading utilities, ZIPZERO is well-positioned to scale its offering and revolutionize the way consumers pay their bills.


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