Startup Showcase: Genuine Impact – The World’s First Financial Terminal for DIY Investors

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Genuine Impact is revolutionizing the investment world by offering the world’s first financial terminal for DIY investors. The platform transforms raw investment data into easy-to-understand actionable scores, delivering essential analysis, and empowering investors to make informed investment decisions.

Crunching the Numbers – Understanding Investment Data

Genuine Impact collects and analyzes hundreds of different data points across both stocks and funds every day. They assess their fundamentals, market sentiment and measure risk-adjusted returns to deliver unbiased and reliable insights to investors. With over 5,000 stocks and 4,000 funds, the platform benchmarks each security against its peers to provide real-time, actionable data.

Institutional Algorithms – Condensing Raw Data Into Actionable Scores

Genuine Impact takes all the raw fundamental data, and sell-side investment analyst feedback and condense it down into a simple-to-understand 0 to 100 score ranking system. The platform has taken the power of an institutional asset manager and turned the output into an actionable, simple to understand, and informative summary. The ranking system is created to help investors identify and compare the highest scoring securities for their stocks and funds.

Analyse and Compare – Easy Comparisons for Your Portfolio

Genuine Impact compares investors’ securities against their peers, streamlining the process of identifying the highest-scoring securities. The platform makes it quick and easy for investors to find alternative portfolios or securities. The portfolio analytics feature provides a breakdown of investors’ portfolios into a simple to understand graph, based on the key factors that Genuine Impact ranks.

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Curated Investment Manager Research – Latest Updates From Leading Investment Managers

Genuine Impact also provides a wealth of knowledge from leading investment managers to help investors stay abreast of the latest trends and changes in the market. These thought pieces are educational, insightful, meaningful, and offer insights that can help investors’ decision-making process.


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