Startup Showcase: IntelliBonds – Revolutionising Investment Management with AI

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IntelliBonds is a London-based technology firm that uses AI to automate and simplify fixed income investment analysis, decision-making, and portfolio management. Their cutting-edge AI-powered cloud solutions help institutional investors optimise costs and generate alpha, making them a game-changer in the field.

The founders of IntelliBonds have deep expertise in the bond market and have merged it with advanced machine learning techniques to develop products that are poised to revolutionise how institutional investors operate.

Automated Assistant for Fixed Income Investors

IntelliBonds’ flagship product is a fully automated Assistant solution that centralises and optimises investment-related activities for investors. This platform has the potential to become a central intelligence unit for fixed income investors, providing superior analytics and a wider market coverage that can help investors deliver superior investment results while operating with a 20-30% lower cost base.

Cutting-edge AI-powered cloud solutions are the future

IntelliBonds uses cutting-edge AI-powered cloud solutions to deliver its automation and optimisation benefits to investors. This approach ensures high scalability, low marginal costs, lower time-to-market, and enhanced data security for their clients. The power of AI coupled with cloud technologies helps Intellibonds unlock cost-saving opportunities and alpha-generating tools for fixed income investors.

Expertise in the bond market

Intellibonds’ founders take great pride in their deep expertise in the bond market. This knowledge helps them create unique, tailored solutions that cater to their clients’ exact needs. As a result, their offerings are well received by their clients, and they have earned a loyal following and a prominent place in the industry.

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Invest in the future of investment management

IntelliBonds is revolutionising the world of fixed income investment management. They are using AI, machine learning, and cloud technologies to simplify and automate investment management processes, optimise costs, and generate alpha. With its centralised AI-powered Assistant, IntelliBonds aims to become a go-to platform for institutional, fixed-income investors. As they say, there’s no time like the present to invest in the future. You can keep up to date with IntelliBond’s journey on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.





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