Who are the Most Influential Sharing Economy Startups in the UK?

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The United Kingdom is home to a range of innovative and diverse sharing economy startups, from electric vehicle sharing platforms to handbag subscription services. These startups are leveraging the power of technology to offer creative solutions to unmet market needs–creating virtual spaces where consumers can share resources, thus promoting a more sustainable and community-centric way of life. Here, we showcase 15 of these promising startups and their services.

Sharing economy startups often disrupt traditional industries by creating platforms that allow for peer-to-peer interaction. This not only creates economic efficiency by eliminating the need for middlemen, but also fosters a community spirit, where value is derived from the shared consumption of goods and services.

Furthermore, many sharing economy startups are also committed to promoting sustainability and reducing waste. By enabling the redistribution of unused or unwanted items, these platforms are leading the way towards a more circular economy.


Tuki is a tourism company that specializes in travel and sharing economy. Founded by Lidor Revah, Tuki is at the forefront of making travel more accessible and economical.


Kidkin, founded by Dmitry Papulin, Elizaveta (Liza) Vratskikh, and Vitaly Kovalev, is a marketplace for kids activities. Kidkin’s platform combines education, e-commerce, and the sharing economy to help parents find the best activities for their children.


fruumi is a platform that connects roommates and property owners. Through their service, they actually help create better living arrangements and shared homes.

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Buengo is an app that enables users to sell unwanted items and donate the proceeds to worthy causes. Founders Alex Hancock and Fela Hughes, are pioneering the charity-commerce space with a sustainable twist.

Zoom EV

Zoom EV, founded by Greg Fairbotham, is all about sustainable travel. They are an electric vehicle sharing platform aimed at combating climate change.


TRYATEC is the insured online marketplace for renting out latest tech gadgets such as drones, cameras, and VR gear. Founders Elena Sokolova and Sabine F. Opris are making technology more accessible to all.

Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Wellbeing Economy Alliance is a global collaboration focused on changing the economic system. They strive to create a balance between economic progress and social welfare.

The Life of Riley Club

The Life of Riley Club is pioneering in the shared ownership space. They enable co-ownership of assets, providing a unique blend of asset management, blockchain, and sharing economy.


BACK YARD, founded by Gavril Cornea, is a mobile app where users can share venues by day or hour. It is revolutionizing the hospitality and travel accommodation sectors.


Sharebee, founded by Olivier Bacs and Samuel Carter, is an innovative platform that enables users to make and save money, while positively contributing to the community and the environment.


PVLSE, led by Maria Rybak, is a platform to monetise personal passions and skills. It integrates artificial intelligence, fitness, and sports to provide personalized service.


o|urmoire., founded by Rosie de Malmanche, is a platform that rethinks the way we buy and borrow. It’s a combination of fashion, ecommerce, and the sharing economy.

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Cocoon, founded by Ceanne Fernandes-Wong, Matt Heiman, and Maya Taras-Nelson, is a handbag subscription service, revolutionizing the way we approach fashion.


mushRoom is a platform created by Ya-Heng Chen, where users can find spaces to rehearse, record or perform. It’s a new way of finding space for musicians.

Good Life Sorted

Good Life Sorted, founded by Constantine Karampatsos and Verity Batchelder, brings the sharing economy to the ageing population, helping them to enjoy living independently at home for longer.

These startups demonstrate the potential of the sharing economy, offering sustainable and inclusive solutions to some of our most pressing social issues. As these platforms continue to grow, so does our hope for a more connected and collaborative future.

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