From Insurtech to Property Management: 15 UK Startups Shaking Up the Game

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From real estate to finance, from artificial intelligence to assistive technology, the United Kingdom’s startup scene is buzzing with innovative businesses that are disrupting industries and solving problems. In this article, we will take a closer look at 15 UK-based commercial startups that are making waves in their respective industries.

Moveli: Revolutionising Real Estate Tech

Moveli is a real estate tech platform that enables estate agents and brokers to work autonomously. The platform offers a suite of tools that streamlines the sales process, from marketing and lead generation to virtual property tours and transaction management. Founded by Ben Littlewood, Chris Littlewood, and James Giblin, Moveli is transforming the way property professionals do business.

Octane Capital: Providing Financial Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties

Octane Capital is a commercial lender that specialises in bridging loans, developer exit loans, refurbishment loans, and other financial solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Their flexible lending approach and quick turnaround times have made them a popular choice among property developers and investors.

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Lendhaus: Connecting Borrowers and Lenders for Commercial Property Finance Deals

Lendhaus is a platform that connects borrowers and lenders for commercial property finance deals. Their online marketplace offers a range of financing options, including commercial mortgages, bridging loans, and development finance. Founded by Greg Bartlett and Mark Austin, Lendhaus is committed to providing the best possible financing solutions for its clients.

Element: Building Secure, Self-Sovereign Chat Apps and Collaboration Solutions

Element is a software company that builds secure, self-sovereign chat apps and collaboration solutions using the open Matrix protocol. Their platform offers a range of features, including voice and video calls, file sharing, and integrations with other tools. Founded by Amandine Le Pape and Matthew Hodgson, Element is on a mission to create a more secure and decentralised internet. Combining IoT Data and Geospatial Risk Models for Commercial Auto Insurance is a London-based insurtech MGA that combines IoT data with geospatial risk models to create per-trip insurance premiums for commercial auto. Their platform provides real-time risk analysis and enables policyholders to manage their insurance policies through a mobile app. Founded by Alberto Romero, Chris Clarke, and Mark Musson, is using technology to transform the insurance industry.

Aprao: Developing Groundbreaking Software for the Real Estate Industry

Aprao is a B2B SaaS company that is developing groundbreaking software for the real estate industry. Their platform helps property developers and investors to manage their finances, track their projects, and make informed investment decisions. Founded by Daniel Norman and Jonathan Raoult, Aprao is transforming the way the real estate industry operates.

Apex Housing Group: Specialising in Property Management and Social Housing Solutions

Apex Housing Group is a property management company that specialises in social housing solutions for both commercial and residential properties. Their services include property maintenance, rent collection, and tenant management. Founded by Muhammad A. Bhatti, Apex Housing Group is dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality housing solutions.

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RVU: Empowering Consumers to Make More Confident Home Services and Financial Decisions

RVU is a commercial company that empowers consumers to make more confident home services and financial decisions. Their comparison websites, including Uswitch and, provide users with a range of options for home services and financial products. Founded by Tariq Syed, RVU is committed to simplifying complex decisions and helping consumers save money.

Starz: Offering Commercial Real Estate Loans and Investment Advice

Starz is a commercial real estate lender that focuses on middle-market loans and offers advice on real estate investments. Their lending solutions include bridge loans, construction loans, and permanent financing. Founded by a team of experienced real estate professionals, Starz is committed to providing its clients with flexible and innovative financing solutions.

WREX (World Real Estate Xchange): Digitalising Residential and Commercial Businesses Across the World

WREX is a platform that digitalises residential and commercial businesses across the world, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Their SaaS solution offers a range of features, including property valuations, asset management, and tenant services. Founded by Adrian R. Twibill, WREX is creating a global network of real estate businesses.

ARKEL: Providing Niche and Standard Insurance Products for Small and Medium Businesses

ARKEL is an underwriting agency that provides solutions for both niche and standard insurance products for small and medium businesses. Their products include commercial insurance, property insurance, and liability insurance. Founded by a team of experienced underwriters, ARKEL is dedicated to providing personalised and cost-effective insurance solutions.

Uncoded: Offering Guidance and Support in Designing and Execution for Commercial Real Estate Developers

Uncoded is an assistive technology firm that offers guidance and support in designing and execution for commercial real estate developers. Their services include data analysis, design, and project management. Founded by a team of architects and data scientists, Uncoded is using technology to create more sustainable and efficient buildings.

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Instant Underwriting: Providing Commercial and Property Insurance Services

Instant Underwriting is a company that provides commercial and property insurance services. Their platform offers a range of products, including cyber insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance. Founded by a team of insurance experts, Instant Underwriting is committed to providing fast and efficient insurance solutions.

JT3: Providing Interior Designing and Building Services for Commercial Interior Projects

JT3 is an interior designing company that provides designing and building services for commercial interior projects. Their services include space planning, furniture selection, and construction management. Founded by Tom Haxworth, JT3 is committed to creating functional and inspiring workspaces.

QuoinStone Group: Asset Management, Strategic Property Investment, and Commercial Real Estate Advisory

QuoinStone Group is an asset manager, strategic property investor, and commercial real estate advisory. Their services include property management, investment strategy, and due diligence. Founded by Steve Howling and Tim Struth, QuoinStone Group is committed to delivering value to its clients through innovative investment solutions.


These 15 UK-based startups are a testament to the country’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Each of them is leveraging technology and creativity to solve problems and disrupt industries. As the startup ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see more exciting and impactful businesses emerging from the UK.

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