Which Are the Top Influential UK Digital Entertainment Startups Today?

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Welcome to our showcase of some of the most intriguing Digital Entertainment startups and companies flourishing in the United Kingdom today. Following on from our recent focus on the tech sector, we think those interested in how digital and entertainment converge will find these companies particularly inspiring.

That’s not just because they’ve got some really creative ideas (though indeed they have), but also because they represent how diverse the digital entertainment sector can be, ranging from ground-breaking new experiences brought to life by virtual reality to much-loved games given a modern twist. We’ve also included companies helping their customers navigate the complexities of legal compliance and parent-infant bonding, indicating that digital entertainment can have very practical applications and can bring joy into our lives in unexpected ways.

In this showcase, you’ll find a short bio for each of these startups and companies, highlighting their innovative contributions to their industries and their unique propositions. Use these links to delve into more information or even initiate a conversation about potential partnerships. After all, the digital entertainment world is all about connectivity!


Founded by Jonathan Curley, FurShows takes anthropomorphic fandom and gives it a home on the internet. Establishing itself as a unique platform for media oriented towards anthropomorphic fans, FurShows aims to become an inflential site for streaming this niche content.

Banjo Robinson

Turning education into a magical game is the brainchild of Kate Boyle with Banjo Robinson, transforming the way kids learn with a blend of digital entertainment and engaging gaming experiences.

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iEurope Broadcasting

Live and recorded news, movies, events, sports, music, and TV shows are delivered worldwide via the internet thanks to the enterprise of Alexander Thorn with his company, iEurope Broadcasting.

TRACE Creative Agency Ltd

A multi-faceted creative agency, TRACE Creative Agency Ltd offers a broad range of services from web design and print to marketing and photography.


Arcade, co-founded by Jon Meggitt and Simon Hobbs, stands out as a leading immersive technology company providing apps, augmented reality, and digital marketing solutions.


Bringing forth an otherworldly digital experience for its consumers, Chris Adams and Ed Wardle’s OTHERWORLD provides a multi-sensory immersion into an island paradise in the cloud.


Co-founders John Robson and Rene Rechtman have created Moonbug, a digital-first entertainment company focusing on providing quality content for children.

Immersive Gamebox

With Immersive Gamebox, founders David Spindler and Will Dean give players the chance to enjoy immersive adventures in technologically sophisticated interactive digital rooms, taking gaming to the next level.


Andrej Vistorskij and Liudas Kanapienis’ Ondato streamlines the complicated procedures that typically accompany KYC and AML-systems, providing a beneficial service for individuals and businesses alike.

Buzz Bingo

Buzz Bingo brings the thrill of gambling games right to your fingertips. As well as offering traditional favourites such as bingo and slots, it provides an engaging and exciting digital entertainment interface.


The team at 4ThePlayer.com, led by Andrew Porter, Chris Ash, and Henry McLean, are gambling games providers creating player-centric games for those seeking an engaging digital entertainment experience.


Founder Oliver Weingarten’s LDN UTD is a unique platform merging the worlds of esports, gaming, content creation, and digital entertainment.

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Developed by Amit Sadhwani, Partelo invites users to ask questions to those they follow, receiving personalized video answers in return – a clever twist on conventional Q&A formats.


Circul8.me simplifies the task of finding work for film and TV Art department crew by offering a user-friendly interface and a powerful networking platform.

Little Hart’s Music

Sarah Hart established Little Hart’s Music in order to support new parents and enhance infant development and musical exploration. It’s a reminder that digital entertainment has applications beyond the typically associated areas of gaming and multimedia.

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