Who’s Revolutionising England’s Food Processing Startup Scene in 2023?

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The Food Processing industry in the UK, especially in England, has garnered significant attention over the recent years due to rise of innovative startups diving into this sector. These startups are redefining the food processing ecosystem – from sustainability-focused producers to those offering dairy-free alternatives and even meatless specifications. Even as demands and preferences shift, the following startups continue to pique interest and set the bar high in the industry.

From the UK’s first avocado oil mayonnaise to ethical butcher services and shared kitchen spaces for budding businesses, the startups we’re featuring today have managed to not only keep up with shifting trends and preferences but have developed innovative solutions to cater to varying dietary needs and desires.

So, strap yourself in as we navigate through some of the most pioneering Food Processing startups in England.

Hunter & Gather Foods

Hunter & Gather Foods, the product of founders Amy Moring and Jefferson Webster, became the first creator of an Avocado Oil Mayonnaise within the UK and Europe. Their product holds the distinction of being free of sugar, gluten, preservatives and harmful oils, carving a niche in the Food and Beverage, as well as Food Processing industries.

Karma Kitchen

Karma Kitchen, co-founded by Francesca and Georgina Newton, offers a unique proposition to businesses in the food sector. Providing shared and private kitchen spaces, Karma Kitchen allows businesses to scale and grow in a sustainable manner.

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Mighty Pea

Mighty Pea has emerged as a disruptor within the dairy industry. Co-founded by the Watkins brothers, Nick and Tom, it offers consumers a tasty, creamy, and more importantly, dairy-free alternative to cow’s milk.

The Ethical Butcher

The Ethical Butcher, set up by Farshad Kazemian and Glen Burrows, is a startup specializing in ethical meat processing, adhering to high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.

Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops proves that food processing goes beyond the earnest desire for good taste. Their water sweets were created to ensure users can monitor their water intake in a fun way, without compromising on taste.

The Turmeric Co

The Turmeric Co, spearheaded by Thomas Kanu, is all about delivering healthy, organic goodness in a glass – their unique and tasty shots combine turmeric with nature’s freshest ingredients.

Love Yourself Meals

Love Yourself Meals delivers diet-based, nutritious meals that control calories without compromising flavour.


BioKind, co-founded by Chien An Chua and Rui Yan Lee, produces sustainable and traceable feed ingredients for aquaculture and livestock while shrinking the environmental footprint.


Kafi marks its place in the food and Beverage industry with a diverse variety of delicious coffees, catering to almost every coffee lover.


Clije is a unique player in the beverage space, offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic natural drinks, combining the best of both worlds.


THIS, concocted by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman, offers alternative meat products that are not only tasty, but completely plant-based.

Better Nature

Better Nature, led by Amadeus Ahnan, Christopher Kong, and Elin Roberts, is one of the fastest growing clean-label meat alternative startups in the UK, leveraging its own proprietary technologies.

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Days Brewing

Days Brewing breaks the norm in the Brewery industry by specializing in the production of alcohol-free beer.


CROSSIP takes the beverage manufacturing scene by storm by producing uniquely flavoured spirits, sans the alcohol.

Gaia’s Farming Co.

Gaia’s Farming Co. helmed by founder Michael Kyriakou, leverages hemp’s widespread benefits for health, environmental and material purposes, staking their claim in the Biotechnology and Food Processing sectors.

These startups might have just commenced their journeys, but the innovation and tenacity they’ve exhibited so far suggest that they’re well-prepared to redefine the Food Processing industry in the UK.

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