How is AI Revolutionising Retailers’ Approach to Google Shopping Ads?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Bidnamic is revolutionising the approach of retailers to Google Shopping Ads through the application of AI and machine learning.
  • The platform profiles each product SKU individually, determining optimal bid value algorithmically.
  • Bidnamic increases efficiency of ad spend, reduces costs per acquired customer, and enables every product’s full revenue potential.
  • Based in Leeds, UK, Bidnamic was founded by Antonio Reyes, Dr Ingvar Kraatz, and Liam Patterson.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising various industries, and the retail industry is no exception. These technologies are adding value to a variety of business processes, including advertising. Retailers are continually looking for methods to optimise their approach to Google Shopping Ads, a vital tool for retail marketing. One startup that is providing innovative solutions in this domain is Bidnamic.

Founded by Antonio Reyes, Dr Ingvar Kraatz, and Liam Patterson, Bidnamic is a marketing technology platform based in Leeds, United Kingdom. The platform aims to help retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping Ads with its innovative approach, leveraging the power of machine learning.

The differentiating factor of Bidnamic is the way it employs machine learning technology. Unlike traditional platforms that use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, Bidnamic’s platform determines the optimal bid value for each individual product SKU in a catalog algorithmically. This ensures a tailored strategy to maximise results for each specific product, giving it an edge over competitors.

Not only does Bidnamic help increase the efficiency of ad spend, it also significantly reduces costs per acquired customer. By continuously and proactively managing bids in real-time, Bidnamic ensures that the full revenue potential of every product is enabled. Its approach provides retailers an “unfair advantage” on Google Shopping.

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In the future, the increasing incorporation of AI in advertising, particularly in Google Shopping Ads, is expected to revolutionize the retail industry. Companies like Bidnamic, with their innovation and unique approach, are set to play an important role in this transformation.

The significant benefits offered by Bidnamic, such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, and ensuring maximum market exposure, provide compelling reasons for retailers to invest in this platform. The startup’s strong foothold in the UK retail industry and an increasingly wider adoption around the world promise a very promising future. For further details, you can follow their website or social accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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