Which Innovative UK Leisure Startups Are Shaping The Industry Landscape?

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In the recent years, the startup scene in the United Kingdom has gravitated towards the leisure and travel industry. Fuelled by rising consumer expectations, digitisation and increasing disposable incomes, an array of innovative businesses have emerged, revolutionising the way we travel, dine, and unwind. We’ve scoured the market to bring you some of the most exciting leisure startups, ready to transform your leisure needs and experiences.

These companies offer a vast array of services, from simplified travel arrangements to immersive gaming experiences, showcasing the diversity and innovation present in the realm of British startups. Their
contributions have rejuvenated the leisure industry, paving the way for future developments and ensuring customer needs remain at the forefront of their operations.

Let’s delve into our curated list of interesting leisure startups and companies from the UK that are redefining the industry with their unique offerings and transformative business approaches.


Founded by Christian Cooper and Robert Finch, Butlerr is a unique startup in the leisure and travel industry. Their service is simple but incredibly convenient – arrange all your travel needs easily via SMS. From booking flights and accommodation to even more, Butlerr is revolutionising travel management.

Luxury Beach Life

Luxury Beach Life specialises in hotel investments, straddling multiple sectors such as commercial real estate, hospitality, hotel, leisure, property development, real estate, real estate investment, and tourism, creating a distinct space for itself within the leisure startup ecosystem.


Planfy, an online booking platform, was established by co-founder Liam Keily. As a significant player in e-commerce, internet, and leisure, Planfy is simplifying the booking process in the digital space.

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Young Foodies

Young Foodies, brought to life by Christopher Green and Theadora Alexander, offers a unique platform that builds a community and provides specialist services for exciting food and drink challenger brands. They strive to enhance the foodie experience by building connections with new and unique choices.

BookNow Software

BookNow Software offers a comprehensive booking, commerce, and operational management solution. Built on the world’s best CRM – Salesforce, BookNow revolutionises hospitality, leisure, and software industries, streamlining the process for businesses in these sectors.


Co-founded by Edwin Bailey, Tasting365 provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for food and drink experiences. Enabling individuals to share and enjoy unique culinary experiences, Tasting365 enriches the marketplace in the leisure industry.


GoHype created by Ashley Henderson and George Leadbeater, is a mobile platform that allows people to browse, customise, and book trips curated by top travel bloggers. GoHype merges multiple facets of leisure, mobile, mobile apps, travel, and travel accommodations for a comprehensive travel-based solution.


OTHERWORLD, brought to life by Chris Adams and Ed Wardle, is an immersive digital entertainment experience. This unique startup offers an island paradise in the cloud, reached through a growing network of multi-sensory immersion pods, creating a new category in the leisure industry.


Yacht4Less offers a unique yacht charter brokerage platform, catering to the boating, internet, leisure, sailing, and travel sectors. The platform modernises the process of chartering yachts making it accessible and easy for users.


KitNations is an innovative service that offers both physical and digital kits containing essential products, information, and guides that facilitate relocations. Their unique offerings streamline the process of moving, making it much less daunting for users.

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Co-founded by Alexa-Maria Rathbone Barker, tripAbrood is an AI-driven travel platform which caters specifically to families, helping them discover and book holidays. Incorporating artificial intelligence, it’s reimagining family travel planning for the 21st century.


Asad Rahman’s venture, NEOJETS is a private jet booking platform, adding luxury and convenience to travel experiences. This startup sits at the height of leisure travel, making private jet travel more accessible.

LGH Hotel Management

LGH Hotel Management is another notable startup in the leisure industry. This platform has streamlined the hospitality scene, emerging as an easy and efficient tool for managing events, hospitality, hotels, leisure, and lifestyle enterprises.


HostelPass is a travel app that provides pre-paid passes for accommodation. By simplifying the accommodation booking process, HostelPass offers a convenient solution for travellers in the digital age.


A revolutionary startup, TripTizer is an all-in-one travel website. From booking flights, hotels, renting cars, to reserving tours and more, TripTizer is shaping the future of travel one booking at a time.

The leisure startup scene in the UK has never looked brighter. As startups continue to redefine and reshape their industries, we look forward to seeing what’s next in the pipeline!

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