Is 3D Technology Changing the Safety and Fit of Cycling Helmets?

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Key Takeaways

  • HEXR is a revolutionary startup revolutionizing cycling safety with 3D technology.
  • The company uses 3D scanning and printing to create custom-fitted cycle helmets that offer enhanced protection.
  • Based in London, HEXR’s techniques take into account the unique head shape of the wearer to optimize safety and performance.
  • The future of HEXR and the cycling industry might see an increased emphasis on personalized and technologically-advanced safety gear.


Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling, and London-based startup, HEXR, is looking to elevate this. With a pioneering approach, HEXR is harnessing the power of 3D technology to create cycling helmets that are not only safer but also perfectly fitted to the wearer. By integrating 3D scanning and printing into their manufacturing process, HEXR is changing the game in cycling helmet safety.

The visionary startup’s unique approach to helmet production is rooted in the philosophies of customization and innovation. Each HEXR helmet is designed to understand the wearer’s head shape, ensuring a snug and optimized fit. This isn’t just for comfort; the personalized fit allows for significant improvements in performance and safety as compared to standard foam helmets.


So, what sets HEXR apart? Its utilization of 3D technology is a distinctive approach towards cyclist safety. The algorithms used to create the energy-absorbing structure of their helmets are actually based on several patents developed at the University of Oxford. This lends a level of technological sophistication to their products that few competitors can match. Their advanced, custom helmets minimize size while maximizing fit and protection, standing out from traditional, one-size-fits-all helmet models.

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Not only does HEXR offer safer, more comfortable helmets, but the startup is also unique in terms of the sector it inhabits. While many cycling companies focus on the bike itself, addressing problems like weight or aerodynamics, HEXR is one of the few companies focused specifically on the helmet. This shows a necessary shift in priorities towards the crucial aspect of rider safety.


As one of the pioneers in its sphere, HEXR’s future looks promising. Its focus on safety through technology and customization is an important step forward in the cycling industry. Riders now have the option for personalized safety gear that doesn’t compromise on either comfort or protection. Given the novelty and importance of HEXR’s work, the future of the cycling industry may see a heightened emphasis on technologically advanced, custom-fit safety gear.

To stay updated with HEXR’s cutting-edge developments and to learn more about their innovative approach to cycling safety, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also check out their website at

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