Is AI Revolutionising Waste Management and Water Leak Detection Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • DeepWaters AI uses satellite data and AI for finding underground drinking water and pipe leaks.
  • This technology has the potential to revolutionise the waste management and water leak detection industry.
  • Recognised by the European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract in 2019.

DeepWaters AI, a London-based startup, is applying emerging technology to vital elements of our infrastructure: waste management and water leak detection. Operating at the nexus of artificial intelligence, information technology, oil and gas, waste management and water, the business is integrating cutting-edge methods with timeless necessities for our society.

Utilising satellite data, AI and a wealth of international knowledge, DeepWaters AI aims to detect and locate underground drinking water and pipe leaks. This innovative solution not only taps into our need for efficient management of waste but also helps ensure the longevity and security of our water supply; a fundamental resource the world over.

What differentiates DeepWaters AI from other startups in a competitive field lies within its utilisation of satellite data and AI. The company has created a map of the Earth’s underground water with up to 98% accuracy. This elevated level of precision is accomplished through the combination of neural networks and ESA Sentinel 1 & 2 satellite data. The neural networks are trained to identify the spectral signature of water and backscatter propagation signature of increased surface moisture.

Moreover, the impressive and impactful technology DeepWaters AI deploys has not gone unnoticed. In 2019, the firm was awarded a European Space Agency AI Kickstart contract. Additionally, it is supported by giants of the tech-world including Nvida, Amazon, and the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri).

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The future of DeepWaters AI looks incredibly bright. They are aligning advancement of AI technology with a sector that sorely requires revolution – waste management, which influences many other sectors, from agriculture to supply chain management. As the company continues its growth, it promises to deliver an array of valuable solutions, which could be further harnessed for broader environmental condition monitoring and impact management.

While the company continues to evolve, it is clear the wider industry that DeepWaters AI operates within will equally benefit. The use of AI in waste management and water leak detection will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector, aiding both the economy and the environment. Learn more about this rising star in the startup world via their website. Connect with the DeepWaters AI community through their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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