Is Democratizing Access to Quality Coaching the New UK Startup Trend?

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Key Takeaways:

  • More Happi is a UK-based startup devoted to democratising quality coaching to make it accessible for all.
  • Working with world-class brands like Pact Coffee, Daye, and Friends of the Earth, More Happi is trusted and highly regarded.
  • More Happi is reducing the cost of coaching, ensuring everyone can access transformational support

More Happi, based in the scenic city of Bath, is the latest startup to feature on, a platform devoted to spotlighting pioneering UK startups. The brainchild of Ashleigh Tennent, More Happi was born out of the vision to democratise access to quality coaching. Tennent has turned this vision into reality through More Happi, making high-quality, affordable coaching a reality for many who could previously not afford it.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘democratise’ as ‘to make something available to all people’ – and that’s precisely what More Happi has achieved. By redefining the coaching industry and making it accessible to all, More Happi is ensuring that positive development and transformation is no longer an exclusive privilege of the few.

But what sets More Happi apart? The startup is unique in its commitment to level the playing field in the coaching industry. Regardless of income or social standing, More Happi believes everyone should have equal access to quality coaching. Their innovative approach includes making coaching affordable for everyone.

While other companies often provide inferior services at reduced prices, More Happi maintains an uncompromising focus on high quality. They provide world-class coaching services to help people grow and develop in every possible way, making them a trusted brand for some of the world’s most innovative and impact-driven brands, such as Pact Coffee, Daye and Friends of the Earth.

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More Happi’s outstanding approach could be instrumental in transforming not only the coaching industry but also the lives of countless individuals who can now afford quality coaching and personal development. As the trend towards democratising key services gathers momentum in the UK startup scene, More Happi is certainly a name to watch out for.

With a promising future ahead, More Happi is set to spearhead a revolution in the coaching industry. More Happi continues to affirm its commitment to make quality coaching accessible to all, as they redefine the coaching industry by providing affordable services without compromising on quality.

Discover more about this mission-led startup via their website at or through their Linkedin at

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