Is Digital Procurement Revolutionising the UK Maritime Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Marinus is set to revolutionise the maritime industry with digital procurement solutions
  • The platform simplifies search for Bunker Fuel Prices, Equipment, Ports, Ships, and Buyers
  • While the majority of other sectors enjoy digitisation, the maritime sector has been largely overlooked
  • Marinus has the potential to greatly enhance productivity and connectivity in the maritime industry

In a world where technology has invaded almost every field, the maritime sector hitherto remains predominantly traditional and analogue. London-based start-up Marinus aspires to change this with its digital procurement platform that manages business transactions. While industries across the spectrum have benefitted from digitalisation and consequently seen significant increases in productivity and connectivity, the maritime sector has largely been left out.

Marinus is here to fill that void. Their mission is not only to strike the gong for the presence of the maritime industry in the 21st century but also to bring digital best practice and value-added services to stakeholders in the sector.

One of the key differentiators for Marinus is its focus specifically on the maritime industry. The platform allows business owners to seek out Bunker Fuel Prices, Equipment, Ports, Ships, as well as Buyers. By doing this, Marinus streamlines the intricacies of the industry into one efficient digital platform.

In a market where digitisation has yet to make significant inroads, Marinus offers the potential for increased efficiency and transparency. The platform could also give the maritime industry a competitive edge by reducing costs through streamlining operations and managing risks more effectively.

Looking into the future, it’s clear that Marinus could lead the way for the maritime sector’s adaptation to the digital era. Pointers to this are seen in the value-added services they offer, and their drive towards bringing stakeholders up to speed with best practices in the digital space. Marinus isn’t just a procurement platform; it is a pacesetter and catalyst for the evolution of the maritime sector.

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For more information on Marinus, you can visit their website or follow their updates on Linkedin. Their mission to improve the maritime industry’s operation is one to watch as they continue to integrate digital solutions into a sector in dire need of them.

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