Who Are Birmingham’s Most Influential Software Startups Transforming the Industry in 2023?

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Birmingham, a city in the UK notable for its industrial history, is adopting a fresh identity centred on tech innovation. The region is ushering in a new era of tech revolution, with software startups leading the way. Here at UKT.news, we shine a spotlight on 15 inspiring software startups in Birmingham. These contemporary formations are implementing inspired solutions across property management, compliance, financial wellbeing, and more.

From brightLET’s automation technology optimizing rental property management, to Sitenna’s software propelling flexibility for telecom companies, Birmingham’s software startups demonstrate that technology is not just about solving problems, but also about delivering fresh perspectives and encouraging new ways of thinking.

These startups reflect the city’s spirit of innovation, resilience, and ambition. Here are brief profiles of the 15 exceptional software startups redefining their sectors from Birmingham:


Founded by Camran Khan, brightLET is a multi-award winning automated property rental platform. It caters comprehensively to landlords, tenants, and tradesmen, occupying a distinct space in the realms of information technology, property management, real estate, rental property and software.

Million Labs

Million Labs, co-founded by Simon Jenner, offers enterprising software that enables founders to kickstart their startups without any coding requirements. The startup operates within the spheres of software and computer vision.

Gravity 9 Solutions

Gravity 9 Solutions, founded by Noel Ady, successfully merges arts and science to assist businesses in creating intriguing digital products. It functions as an integral player in Information Technology, Professional Services, and Software industries.

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Work Simplr

Work Simplr offers innovative solutions for virtual collaboration and co-working platforms, thereby enhancing the student experience. The startup services include Management Consulting, Online Portals, Software, and Virtual Assistance.


DotConnect, under the leadership of Mohamed Gamil, provides meticulous planning and design services for computer systems. It solidifies its offerings in the computer, hardware, Information Technology, and Software market.


Infoboss is reforming data management and processing for businesses with its automated solution. The startup operates in the Document Management, Industrial Automation, Information Services, SaaS, and Software fields.

Biso Collective

Biso Collective partners with teams and leadership, leveraging its prowess as operators and builders. The startup’s expertise includes Information Technology, SaaS, and software.

Engineius: Powering Vehicle Movement

Engineius, under the aegis of Chris Clibbery, is the leading vehicle movement platform in the UK. The startup provides a sophisticated software platform and supply chain solutions to its clients in Information Technology and Software industries.


Sequence.work, co-founded by Andy Ngo, Charles Morizot, and Luc Leray, is a microtask online crowdsourcing solution. The startup operates in the fields of Analytics, Crowdsourcing, Outsourcing, and Software.


Complygate, founded by Rajiv Ranjan, deals with HR and compliance management software. It operates within the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Compliance, Human Resources, IaaS, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software.

Capri Healthcare Ltd

Capri Healthcare, co-founded by Krishna Thakur and Valleesh Athreya, is turning NHS’s Digital-first strategy into reality. It explores the use of digital innovation within the realms of AI/ML. The startup functions mainly in the sectors of Artificial Intelligence, Health Care, Information Technology, Language Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Software.

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Founded by Francis Ekwealor and Tychay-lauren Edwards, Wagebox is an intuitive personal finance platform. Focused on financial wellbeing, it operates within the segments of Financial Services, FinTech, Lending, Personal Finance, and Software.

Al Jawda

Al Jawda specialises in helping organisations navigate effectively through digital transformation, achieving real business outcomes. This startup is a crucial player in Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software sector.


Sitenna, co-founded by Brian Sexton and Daniel Campion, aids telecom companies with its software. The software helps find locations for new towers and antennae. It operates in the fields of Communications Infrastructure, Software, and Telecommunications.


Lexverify employs the power of artificial intelligence to detect potential legal and compliance issues in communications. It operates within the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Software.

Indeed, these 15 software startups are adding to the vitality and diversity of Birmingham’s technological scene, whilst also bringing in innovation and dynamism to their respective sectors. This fresh wave of creativity and digital excellence in Birmingham highlights the city’s potential as a global tech hub.

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