Who Are London’s Most Influential Enterprise Startups Transforming Tech in 2023?

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London has long been a thriving hub for startups and it continues to foster exciting growth in the Enterprise startup sector, particularly in Cloud Computing, Project Management, and Enterprise Software. The following companies, from native’s UCW Industries Ltd. to ambitiously international Hivemind, are breaking the mold and presenting innovative business solutions that cater to a variety of industries, from logistics to financial markets.

These companies are not just new businesses. They embody a different way of doing things, a fresh way of thinking, and are setting the pace for others to follow. Whether it’s digitising freight forwarding or creating electronic marketplace for insurance risks, these startups are leading the way in innovation and creativity.

Now, let’s delve into each one, exploring what they do, the industries they operate in, and the stalwarts behind these up-and-coming enterprises.

UCW Industries Ltd.

UCW Industries Ltd. specialises in the IoT prototyping, embedded systems programming, custom hardware design, IoT integration, and custom software development. They cater to the Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, Embedded Software, Enterprise Software, Private Cloud, Software, Web Design, Web Development, and Web Hosting industries. With their experienced team, they provide effective solutions and prompt service to a multitude of clients, proving that UK ingenuity has a vital place in the fast-paced world of cloud services and web solutions.


Krosswall is an intuitive Project Management tool designed for Agile and non-Agile Companies. It provides excellent support for Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe. Founded by Nitul Mehta and Rajul Shah, Krosswall is part of the Collaboration, Developer Tools, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Project Management, SaaS, and Software industries. It has certainly marked its territory in the field of project management with an effective and user-friendly tool that streamlines tasks and enhance team collaboration.

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Transcount digitises the freight forwarding process. Its software enables logistics companies to transform into digital freight forwarding service providers. In the B2B, CRM, Document Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Logistics, Software, Supply Chain Management and Transportation industries, Transcount is making significant strides. Founders Dovy senas and Dovydas Riasnojus are the masterminds behind this progressive enterprise.


Nevercode is a trusted Continuous Integration & Delivery service provider for mobile app developers. Operating in the Android, Enterprise Applications, and iOS industries, Nevercode is the brainchild of Kristian Sägi and Triin Kask. The company breaks down the barriers of mobile app development, offering a streamlined platform for seamless integration and delivery that is mobile-friendly.


AkinovA is revolutionising the (re)insurance industry. Its electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of insurance risks is a game changer. Founders Henri Winand and Jean-Michel Paul have shaped AkinovA into an innovative player in the Enterprise Software, FinTech, Insurance, InsurTech, and Marketplace industries.

Think Ahoy

Think Ahoy is making the process of setting up and growing businesses less intimidating. It provides comfort and support for businesses from the convenience of a couch. This innovative startup, founded by Anvesh Gopalam, Jeanny Paren, and Karthik Pisipaty, operates in the B2B, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, and SaaS industries.


Sweep is changing the travel and expenses management game for European SMEs. By building the first end-to-end travel & expenses management system, Sweep’s founders, Billel Ridelle, have made significant inroads in the B2B, Business Travel, Enterprise Software, and Travel industries.

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Hub 85

Hub 85, created by founders Omar Quraishi and Samuel Arthur, offers autonomous governance, risk management and workflow analytics for organisations that use spreadsheets. Their influence reaches out into the Analytics, Enterprise Software, and Software industries, helping businesses streamline their operations and manage risks effectively.


Meterian is the simple and straightforward way to assess how secure your software components are. Established by Bruno Bossola and Vivian Dufour, this startup is carving a niche for itself in the Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, and Software industries.


EventsX is building a new generation AI-led virtual events platform with a built-in marketplace. This innovative startup, founded by Darshana Prageeth Manikkuwadura and Shoaib Aslam, is making waves in the Enterprise Software, Event Management, Events, Meeting Software, SaaS, and Video Conferencing industries.


Qadre is a modern progressive technology company that harnesses blockchain to modernise financial markets. Co-founded by Imogen Bunyard, Laura Bailey,and Nick Williamson, it operates in the Blockchain, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Technology, and Software industries. Qadre continues to create blockchain solutions that offer transparency, efficiency, and security to the financial sector.


Prospr is an agile consultancy management platform created specifically for digital transformation consultancies, aimed at boosting efficiency and streamlining processes. Founded by Dean Robinson, it operates in the Accounting, B2B, Business Information Systems, Consulting, CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Software industries.


RevLifter, created by Ryan Kliszat and Simon Bird, is an AI powered technology provider that seeks to help brands increase revenue through real-time personalised offers. It operates in the Affiliate Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Personalization, and Retail Technology industries, applying AI to drive better business results.

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HarmonyPSA by founders Stephen Powell and Steve Duckworth is a modern cloud-based end-to-end business automation software that functions on any device. It operates in the Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Software, Professional Services, SaaS, Software, and Software Engineering industries.


Last but not least, Hivemind, founded by Alex Taroghion, Alexander Dawes, and Christian Gilson, is a data science and technology company that specialises in the application of human and machine intelligence to complex unstructured data problems. It operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing industries.

From creating the first end-to-end travel & expenses management system to an electronic marketplace for insurance risks, these London-based startups are revolutionising their respective industries, demonstrating that even in a post-Brexit world, London still reigns as a vibrant hub for promising startups.

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