Who are Leading England’s Music Revolution: Top UK Startups in 2023?

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The music industry has radically transformed over the last two decades, largely due to the development of digital technology and the internet. Music has become more accessible than ever and this evolving landscape has paved the way for startups to innovate and disrupt. UK, known for producing some of the world’s best musicians and bands, has also produced a robust and diverse music tech startup scene. In this article, we will introduce you to a selection of interesting music startups based in England, UK.

Music + Sport

Music+ Sport is a unique startup that fuses music and sports events together. The company partners with Jockey Club Live, a subsidiary of Live Nation to form entertainment and concert series. This hybrid of music and sports offerings captivates audiences with a unique live experience.

Gig FM

As the world’s first music live streaming app, Gig FM caters to the growing demand for digital live music experiences. The platform allows musicians to broadcast their gigs live and tag songs they have performed.


For those pursuing a career in music, Whiise is an online platform that provides expert knowledge and resources for the music industry. The startup was founded by Tommy Darker.

The Imaginarium Studios, LTD

The Imaginarium Studios is widely regarded as the UK’s premier performance capture studio. Founded by notable names including Andy Serkis, the company has made significant contributions to the motion capture industry, particularly within music.

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Talent Network LDN

Talent Network LDN is an online marketplace for musicians, artists and performers. This ground-breaking platform aims to bridge the gap between artists and potential employers or event coordinators.


As a hub of entertainment content, ViralMash aims to keep audiences informed and entertained. The website is particularly popular among music lovers due to its cache of music news and content.


PlayHit is redefining how we interact musically with our loved ones across our favourite messaging channels. The unique keyboard allows users to communicate and express themselves through music.


Through its peer-to-peer online marketplace, Zarp empowers artists to sell their services directly to the public. This platform contributes to the democratisation of the arts and music industry.


Aiming to be the largest centralised talent marketplace in the world, Gignify serves as a platform for independent musicians to connect with potential opportunities. The company was founded by Tejen Barbezat.


Specialising in artificial intelligence, Papercup has developed a technique to translate videos using AI by generating voices that sound like the original speaker. The company was born from the vision of Jesse Shemen and Jiameng Gao.

Hipgnosis Songs Fund

Hipgnosis Songs Fund offers investors a unique way to invest in songs and their related intellectual property rights. The startup was established by industry veteran, Merck Mercuriadis.


Considered a music industry community app, Cosound is designed to encourage networking and collaboration within the music community. The platform was founded by Benjamin Rees.


nSpireMe is an integral tool for classical musicians in their early stages of career. The platform serves as a music practice app, offering access to resources and guidance to refine their skills.

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Visionalia ltd

Touting itself “a new kind of A.I. to start a music revolution”, Visionalia ltd is a startup that marries the power of artificial intelligence, analytics and education to revolutionise the music industry.

Rap Fame

As a dedicated mobile platform for rappers and hip hop lovers, Rap Fame serves as a recording studio, competition platform and community. The startup was founded by Alena Golden and Dmitry Bogdanovich.

These are just a few examples of the innovative music startups emerging from England, UK. From AI powered music videos to peer-peer artist platforms, these startups are reshaping the traditional contours of the music industry.

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