Which London-Based Beauty Startups are Impacting the 2023 UK Industry?

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Given the great propensity of consumers toward skincare and beauty and the growing challenges on the side of beauty providers during times of change, many innovative startups have emerged within this scope. Coming from London, England, United Kingdom are various spectacular startups bolstering products and services that were revolutionized to suit the contemporary style of beauty and wellness.

Wellness, in addition to beauty, has come a long way toward becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. In the UK, particularly in London, the beauty tech scene has burgeoned coalescing various technology concepts into beauty care, skincare, and wellness. In this article, we walk you through some of the London beauty startups, their profiles, and how they might change the way we go about our skincare regimen and beauty routines.

Taking a deep dive into the vibrant beauty startup scene in London, these companies cover a wide range of innovative concepts from male grooming, software for beauty industries, makeup social networks to cosmeceutical brands. Here are 15 of them:

Get Groomed

Get Groomed, a tech/beauty company, specializes in male grooming and male beauty treatments, merging technology and beauty to cater to the wellness of men.


Co-founded by Ben Fisher and Charlie M., Beu offers a software specifically for the hair and beauty industry. With their innovative solutions, they turn salons to smart businesses.

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An online store focusing on handmade hair and beauty products, YUH & MI delivers the best of e-commerce and handmade beauty items into the hands of beauty enthusiasts.

Leo’s Startup

Fashion connoisseur Leo Mancini’s Leo’s Startup offers hairstyling and extensions, a nail bar, beauty treatments, and a coffee shop, all under one roof. This all-in-one beauty hub saves consumers time and energy.


Beu provides a unique software for the hair and beauty industry, setting a new standard in beauty tech innovation.


Co-founded by Jacopo Ranalli, Aircut reinvents the hairdressing experience through augmented reality and computer vision.


Facechart, the makeup social network co-founded by Antonio Jose Lopez and Enrique Ramirez Manzaneda, is a platform that allows users to learn and share about makeup and cosmetics.

The Wild Curl

In the world of curls, The Wild Curl, founded by Albert Abello Lozano and Vanessa Martins Lopes, embraces the natural beauty of curls by offering comprehensive hair care products for curly-haired individuals.

Beauty Pie

Founded by Marcia Kilgore, Beauty Pie gives members access to high-quality beauty products at factory-cost prices, battling the overpriced industry standards.


Oodee, founded by Karen Harwood and Victoria Tydeman, offers allergen-neutral skincare for next-generation clean beauty.


Run by Kim Smith, Matt McNeill, and Pedram Mehrshahi, Kloris CBD offers premium CBD wellness & beauty products crafted for efficacy and joy of use.


OTO, founded by Gemma Colao, creates skincare that develops, manufactures, and markets CBD-based oils, cosmetics, and beverages.


dermoi! offers homecare products backed by skincare analysis, advice, and treatments, redefining the skincare experience.

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Sports HAI

Grace de Alvaro’s baby brand, Sports HAI is the pioneering makeup brand designed for healthy, active, and inspired men and women.


As an e-commerce platform selling beauty products like hair, make-up, skincare, fragrance, and nails, Cosmetify gives customers a one-stop-shop for all beauty needs.


Finally, Vitybox offers a variety of products containing collagen, keratin, hyaluronic acid, and a vita-mineral complex for nails, hair, and skincare.

Though each startup possesses its unique perspective on beauty, all aim to provide consumers with a more holistic, inclusive, and enriching beauty and wellness experience. Together, they write a fresh chapter on the beauty tech scene of London and potentially the world.

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