Is Hardware-Backed Distributed Whitelisting the Future of Cyber Security?

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Key Takeaways:

  • UK startup CyberHive has developed a patented cybersecurity platform, Trusted Cloud.
  • Co-developed with the University of Oxford, Trusted Cloud uses a process called “hardware-backed distributed whitelisting”.
  • This process enables faster detection of breaches than competing technologies. Also, CyberHive’s Gatekeeper for Office 365 secures this platform up to National Cyber Security standards.
  • CyberHive represents a potential paradigm shift in how cybersecurity platforms will operate in the future.

The question of whether hardware-backed distributed whitelisting is the future of cybersecurity is an important one in an ever digitising world. More and more companies are having to face the reality of digital threats, and finding solutions that quickly identify and mitigate these threats is crucial.

Enter CyberHive, a Newbury-based startup in West Berkshire. With a revolutionary cybersecurity platform, Trusted Cloud, co-developed with the University of Oxford, CyberHive is poised to challenge traditional cybersecurity solutions and redefine how we combat digital threats. Leveraging a patented technique known as ‘hardware-backed distributed whitelisting’, the platform augurs a promising and potentially transformative future in the cybersecurity industry.

The unique selling proposition of CyberHive is its pioneering technology of hardware-backed distributed-whitelisting. Where most existing cybersecurity solutions rely on fighting digital threats post breach, CyberHive uses this patented technique to detect potential breaches in mere seconds-a drastic improvement from the weeks or even months that traditional technologies often take.

Another differentiating feature is its ‘Gatekeeper for Office 365’ solution. This bolsters the security of Microsoft Office 365 platform to meet National Cyber Security Centre standards, providing much-needed security enhancements for remote workers, a group increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

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There’s little doubt that CyberHive is charting a new course in the cybersecurity sector. If its revolutionary technology becomes widely adopted, it stands to drastically reduce the time and resources firms spend on managing security breaches and the associated fallout. This would fundamentally change how organizations approach digital threats, from a reactive to a preemptive stance.

With accelerated digital transformation and an ever-increasing need for robust cybersecurity, the future certainly looks bright for CyberHive. As more businesses realize the importance of pre-emptive and rapid-response to cyber threats, solutions like Trusted Cloud are likely to become increasingly valuable in the digital landscape. Connect with CyberHive on their website, follow them on Twitter, or find out more about their initiatives on LinkedIn.

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