Is IT Recruitment Bridging Gaps with On-The-Job Professional Training Solutions?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Atlas High Performance Academy is a UK-based startup that provides professional on-the-job training while consolidating personnel recruitment services.
  • The company is changing the IT recruitment landscape by combining staffing services with immersive professional training courses.
  • By focusing on digital tooling engineering, digital design, and digital business development, Atlas High Performance Academy addresses a critical gap in the modern job market.
  • This innovative approach not only bridges the skills gap but also unveils a new path for the future of IT recruitment and professional training.

As the modern job landscape evolves, the demand for specialized skills in digital tooling engineering, digital design, and digital business development is ever-increasing. Traditionally, IT recruitment and professional training were two distinct sectors. Recent innovative approaches by startups like Atlas High Performance Academy, however, are showing how these two can be merged to address skill gaps and streamline recruitment for businesses. Founded in London, England, Atlas High Performance Academy is revolutionizing the way industries view IT recruitment and on-the-job training.

The startup’s core focus is on providing professional on-the-job training while also meeting staffing requirements for businesses in the IT, Design, and Sales sectors. This dual approach not only ensures skillful candidates for industries but also equips the trainees with relevant and updated skills, making them job-ready right from the get-go.

What draws a sharp line of distinction between Atlas High Performance Academy and other recruiting or training institutions is their immersive, hands-on professional training courses. These courses cover a wide spectrum, from computer science (IT-software, e-commerce, 4.0, web/mobile app) and digital design (design and communication – marketing, social media, branding, photography, video making/editing, drawing techniques) to digital business development (business – sales, project management, finance).

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This means apart from simply recruiting candidates, the startup ensures that the candidates are well-versed with the latest industry skills. Thus, Atlas High Performance Academy is greatly improving the IT recruitment ecosystem by nurturing an equipped talent pool that can contribute from the moment they enter the workplace.

The future looks promising for both Atlas High Performance Academy and the IT recruitment industry. As businesses move more and more towards digital platforms, the need for talent infused with hands-on professional knowledge and skills will continue to rise. Atlas High Performance Academy is already carving its niche in this landscape by offering innovative and practical solutions.

For companies and candidates who want to know more about Atlas High Performance Academy and engage with them, you can visit their website, follow them on Facebook, or join their network on LinkedIn.

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