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In a world where the lines between online and offline shopping experiences are blurred, retailers are struggling to keep up with consumer needs. The average consumer journey now involves six touchpoints before a purchase is made, creating a fragmented process that can deter customers from going through with the transaction. That’s where Stored. comes in – a single platform for truly connected commerce, seamlessly connecting in-store to online experiences.

Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Shopping

Stored. was founded with the understanding that disconnected customer journeys are leading to reduced conversions for retailers. By providing a single space to save products from any retailer, website, app, or physical store, Stored. connects the dots between online and offline shopping. Consumers can now save products they intend to return to later, share them, track them and complete purchases when the time is right.

Empowering Retailers to Influence Customer Outcomes

Stored. doesn’t just benefit consumers – it also provides retailers with unparalleled visibility into customer journeys previously unseen. This allows them to influence and incentivise positive customer outcomes and conversions. Stored’s technology allows retailers to see how customers are interacting with their products, regardless of whether they were purchased online or in-store. Armed with this knowledge, retailers can create targeted marketing campaigns, personalised promotions and loyalty programmes that drive customer engagement, retention and sales.

A Team with Proven Success in Fintech

Stored. was founded by Danny Howe and Lee Hart, two leaders in the fintech industry. Danny was previously Managing Director of WorldFirst (now part of Ant Group), while Lee was a General Manager at Fiserv UK. Together they have raised over £500k in angel investment from notable investors including Nick Robinson, Co-Founder of WorldFirst, and strategic investor Nicolas James Group. With a team of experts in engineering, design and customer success, Stored. has pre-registered over 2,500 shoppers in just one month and is actively onboarding pilot retailers for a go-live scheduled in January 2023.

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Stored. is revolutionising the way we shop by bridging the gap between online and offline experiences. With its innovative platform, Stored. is empowering consumers to make informed purchasing decisions while providing retailers with the insights they need to drive growth. As the company gears up for launch in January, we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on the retail industry.


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