Startup Showcase: Miraj Stories – Bringing Healthy Halal Screen Time to Kids

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Introducing Miraj Stories – the exciting startup that is on a mission to change the way Muslim children consume digital content. With its groundbreaking app and library of high-quality Islamic-themed content for kids, Miraj Stories has become an essential tool for families worldwide. Here’s how the London-based startup is disrupting the market and bringing healthy, constructive screen time to Muslims globally.

Who are Miraj Stories?

Miraj Stories is a family-run startup founded in 2013 in London. The founders, Zanib Mian and Mohammad Khan, are a husband and wife team who were driven by a desire to provide their kids with wholesome digital content that reflected their Islamic beliefs. What started as a side-hustle producing audiobooks for kids, quickly evolved into a full-time venture with the launch of the Miraj Stories app in 2018.

Miraj Stories has since developed into a leading provider of children’s content for the global Muslim market, carving out a unique niche in the digital media landscape. Its library comprises digitally interactive books, audiobooks, videos and animations, created to engage and educate Muslim kids in fun and exciting ways, while reflecting the values and teachings of Islam.

What sets Miraj Stories apart?

Miraj Stories’ unique selling point is its commitment to creating content that is both engaging and educational, while also staying true to the principles of Islam. The startup’s vision is to empower young Muslims around the world to develop a love for God and His prophets, and to cultivate goodness of character.

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The Miraj Stories App offers an impressive and varied selection of stories, games and activities, all designed to keep kids entertained and engaged. The content is carefully curated and age-appropriate, covering a range of topics from Islamic history and culture to learning essential Islamic values.

Miraj Stories has also demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges facing Muslim parents in the digital age. Instead of shunning technology, the startup has embraced it, recognizing that children’s screentime can be a powerful tool for learning and personal development. By providing constructive digital content that reflects Islamic values, Miraj Stories is enabling parents to harness the power of technology in a positive way.

The secret to Miraj Stories’ success?

One of the main factors driving Miraj Stories’ success is the quality of its content. By creating a library of engaging and educational stories that stay true to the values of Islam, the startup has managed to win the hearts of Muslim parents worldwide. The Miraj Stories App boasts of reviews that applaud the startup’s commitment to providing fun, engaging and enriching content for Muslim kids.

Another reason for Miraj Stories’ success is its focus on innovation. The startup is continually seeking to push the boundaries in terms of the technology it uses and content it creates. Miraj’s team of creatives and developers continuously research and experiment with new ideas, methods and platforms to improve and expand their offering.


As the world becomes increasingly digital, Miraj Stories is leading the way in providing halal screentime for Muslim children. The startup’s high-quality content and innovative approach have allowed it to carve out a unique footprint in the global Muslim market. At a time when Muslim parents are seeking to connect their children with their faith in new ways, Miraj Stories’ App is providing an essential tool for families worldwide.

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