Startup Showcase: vabble – Enabling Liquidity in Emerging Markets

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For institutional investors seeking to deploy liquidity in emerging market exporters’ qualified assets, vabble provides the infrastructure to access such markets. With its mission to become the preeminent venue for the monetization of qualified receivables of emerging market exporter companies, vabble has developed a workflow automation platform for institutional investors while providing compliance and customer experience policies and procedures.

In this startup showcase, we’ll look at how vabble is making waves with its unique proposition and technological advancements in providing access to liquidity in emerging markets.

The vabble proposition: unlocking access to liquidity in emerging markets

Traditionally, accessing qualified receivables of emerging market exporter companies has been challenging for institutional investors. There have been barriers such as lack of infrastructure, compliance issues, and a lack of transparency in these emerging markets. But vabble provides a solution – its technology platform provides investors with access to liquidity in these markets, thereby unlocking a vast pool of assets previously untapped.

vabble’s workflow automation platform offers a turnkey solution for investors seeking to access emerging markets. The platform is designed with institutional investors in mind, providing a consistent and monitored investment process from origination to settlement. This investment process empowers investors with the tools required to efficiently manage their investments while mitigating the compliance and credit risks.

Solid KYC/AML/CFT Framework

As we move towards a digital financial environment, the compliance regulations for financial institutions have become more stringent. Therefore, ensuring that vabble’s platform complies with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and fraud prevention measures are of utmost importance.

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vabble has developed a technology that harmonizes leading-edge KYC, AML, CFT, and fraud prevention tools with an agreed-upon solid legal framework crafted by leading practitioners, providing the foundation for a unique proposition for emerging market exporters and investors.

Extensive and Transparent Legal Framework

Transparency is critical in this digital environment, and that’s why vabble has invested in crafting an extensive and transparent legal framework. This framework provides guidance to emerging market exporters and investors, ensuring that everyone understands and follows the rules before engaging. This process helps to reduce legal and regulatory risks for investors and creates a framework for continuity of investment.


Ultimately, vabble offers a unique solution for investors seeking access to liquidity in emerging markets. Its platform offers an investment process for managing investments in qualified assets while mitigating the compliance and credit risks. In addition, vabble’s KYC/AML/CFT and solid legal framework provide investors with the transparency and guidance required to build trust and mutual understanding. Indeed, vabble has set out its stall as a leader in unlocking liquidity in emerging markets.


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