Startup Showcase: NeuroPool – Tackling Neurodiversity Employment in the UK

Innovating Employment Opportunities for Neurodiverse Young Adults.

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Neuropool is a UK-based tech startup that specializes in empowering neurodiverse young adults by bridging the gap between them and the employment opportunities available. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive deeper into how Neuropool is addressing this issue by creating a more inclusive and productive working environment for everyone.

The Need for Neuropool

With over 100,000 neurodiverse young adults turning 18 every year in the UK, there is a growing need to create more employment opportunities for them. Unfortunately, many of these young adults face numerous obstacles in finding employment, such as lack of training, accessibility to career pathways, and an unaccommodating work environment. According to research, 35% of autistic adults have never had a job or received any training, and only 16% of autistic adults are currently in full-time employment.

This is where Neuropool comes in. Founded by two neurodiverse entrepreneurs, Neuropool is determined to help address this issue by creating a more accessible and inclusive working environment for neurodiverse individuals.

How Neuropool Works

Neuropool works closely with HR, recruitment, and management teams to help create a more inclusive and productive working environment for everyone. Our platform provides clients access to a talent pool of highly skilled, neurodiverse graduates and professionals across the UK.

Our approach is to tailor to each employer’s unique needs to create the diverse and inclusive workforce they need to innovate and excel. We provide advice, training and support to the employer, ensuring they are well equipped to provide a suitable environment for neurodiverse employees. Ultimately, by addressing the challenges faced by neurodiverse young adults, we help our clients build a more productive and thriving workforce.

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Neuropool’s Impact

Neuropool’s approach to neurodiversity employment is setting the tone for the UK business landscape. Our platform supports businesses to unlock the competitive advantages and hidden talents of neurodiverse individuals. Our team is committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent this talent pool from entering the workforce and flourishing to their full potential.

By creating a more inclusive workforce, Neuropool is not only changing the lives of neurodiverse young adults, but we’re also creating a more diverse and productive economy. Such forward-thinking actions will serve to inspire and lead the charge in innovative employment opportunities for future generations.


Neuropool is a game-changer in the UK workforce. By focusing on neurodiversity employment, this startup is providing a unique and much-needed solution to the challenge of finding employment for neurodiverse young adults. Their platform continues to build a more productive, diverse, and inclusive workforce, and we can’t wait to see the impact they will have in the future.





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