Startup Showcase: Util Industries – Maximizing Environmental and Social Investment Returns with Analytics

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In a world where socially responsible investing is taking centre stage, how can investors truly measure their impact? Enter Util Industries, a London-based startup that is changing the game with a unique methodology that allows investors to compare, monitor and report based on a new bottom line. In this startup showcase, we dive into Util’s mission, methodology and vision for the future.

Introducing Util Industries: The Startup Changing the Face of Responsible Investing

Util Industries is a disruptive startup that is at the forefront of using big data and machine learning to discover and quantify company data related to a wide range of stakeholders. By doing so, Util is creating a dollar ‘annual value generated’ bottom line metric that changes the goal-posts of investing, allowing investors to screen, monitor and report based on both financial and non-financial returns on investment.

Util’s unique methodology is the result of a collaboration between experts in finance, data science and sustainability, who recognised that traditional ESG metrics fall short when it comes to capturing the full impact of an investment on society and the environment. With Util, investors can now truly understand the full value that a company generates, beyond just financial returns.

How Util’s Bottom Line Approach is Revolutionising the Investment Landscape

Util’s innovative bottom line approach is revolutionising the way investors evaluate their investments. By integrating non-financial metrics into their decision-making process, responsible investment managers can now make more informed decisions that align with their values and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Util’s methodology is particularly useful for investment managers who seek unique analysis that mirrors the efficiencies of traditional financial analysis and reporting. This allows them to compare investments in a more intuitive and meaningful way, ultimately leading to better investment decisions and improved returns.

Util’s Impact on the Future of Responsible Investing

Util is already making a significant impact in the world of responsible investing. The startup is currently working with two investment manager partners, with a combined $130bn assets under management, to further develop its methodology and product.


It’s clear that Util Industries is challenging the traditional notions of investing, bringing a fresh perspective to a crucial issue. By enabling investors to measure their impact in a more holistic way, Util is paving the way towards a future where social and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of investment decisions.


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