Who Are the Top Influential Analytics Startups Transforming UK Business?

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Analytics startups in the UK are gaining recognition for bringing innovation and change in various industries – from health to marketing to finance and more. From using artificial intelligence to interpret data to using machine learning to predict trends and behaviours, these startups are at the forefront of data analytics. Here, we take a closer look at fifteen of these innovative startups that are making a mark in their respective fields.


Founded by Lorena Puica, SYD offers a unique combination of predictive population analytics for businesses and an AI virtual companion for employees. By blending analytics with artificial intelligence, SYD provides insightful data to both the companies and the employees, helping them improve personal health and work efficiency.
Industries: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Health.


Factmata, founded by Andreas Vlachos, Dhruv Ghulati, and Sebastian Riedel, is an artificial intelligence company designed for automated content understanding. Its unique combination of AI with multiple disciplines like brand marketing, PR, SaaS, and more makes it stand out in the field. Factmata is reshaping how businesses approach content and media marketing.
Industries: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Brand Marketing, and others.


Util is a startup that leverages analytics to maximize environmental and social investment returns. Founded by Abdel Wahab Turkmani and Stephen Barnett, Util utilises big data to improve financial services and management consulting.
Industry: Analytics, Big Data, Financial Services, and others.

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Shelfalytics, founded by Constantin Prijilevschi, Serghei Alexei, and Valentin Prijilevschi, provides real-time analytics to retailers and distributors. The startup enables businesses to make timely and data-driven decisions.
Industries: Analytics, Real Time, Sales.


Synaptiv, founded by Matt Lewis, is a connected car platform that helps fleets and car makers monetize the data generated by their connected vehicles. By leveraging analytics, it provides unique business opportunities and efficiencies in the automotive industry.
Industry: Analytics, Automotive, Big Data.


BB1 is an AI startup specialized in machine learning using deep learning technologies. Although the founders are not listed, BB1 contributes significantly to the analytics industry by offering advanced machine learning solutions.
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

Urban Hawk

Co-founded by James Murphy and Robert Sugar, Urban Hawk turns data into business opportunities. With a special focus on geographical data, it provides businesses real-time actionable insights.
Industry: Analytics, Big Data, Business Development, and others.

Ten Bear Group

Ten Bear Group is a social listening and consumer insights agency providing insightful reports based on data analysis. It leverages analytics for consulting and training purposes, helping businesses improve their decision-making process.
Industry: Analytics, Consulting, Training.


ZEE9, led by Alessandro Trinca Arnould, turns data into valuable insights. Combining analytics with artificial intelligence, ZEE9’s solutions help businesses make informed decisions.
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Biometrics, and others.


Co-founded by Ion Suruceanu and Zara Nanu, Gapsquare uses data intelligence and machine learning to help companies build fair, engaged & productive workforces. By leveraging multiple technologies, they are transforming the HR landscape.
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Data Services and others.

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Labstep, founded by Jake Schofield, Jan Domanski, and Sven Kirkerup, captures real-time scientific process data providing an internally shareable timeline of a lab’s activity. By using analytics, Labstep helps labs streamline their operations.
Industry: Analytics, Collaboration, Computer, and others.

Mammoth Analytics

Founded by Gaurav Dudhoria, Mammoth Analytics is a SaaS management platform offering tools to transform, analyze, and get insights on complex data without any coding. They make data handling and analyzing easy and accessible.
Industry: Analytics, Data Visualization, Information Services, SaaS

Limitless Insight

Limitless Insight, founded by Gary Mc Donald, combines location, store, and social data in a cloud platform. It’s an innovative approach to providing businesses with all-around insights, making it the Google & Amazon for Physical places.
Industry: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Information Technology, and others.

My Customer Lens

Co-founded by Mike Evans and Paul Roberts, My Customer Lens provides an always-on client listening platform for professional services firms. By leveraging AI, it helps firms grow relationships, reputations, and revenues.
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and others.


Quantilytics offers solutions in mobile development, data science and AI, desktop application, and web development. Although the founders are not listed, Quantilytics provides a wide range of services in the field of analytics and software.
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, CRM, and others.

In an increasingly data-driven world, these startups are making significant contributions by leveraging analytics to offer innovative solutions. Their works are not only reshaping industries but also helping businesses unlock new opportunities and make better decisions.

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