Who Are Leeds’ Most Influential Advertising Startups Making Waves in 2023?

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With a digitally-savvy urban population, top-notch educational institutions and a flourishing business sector, Leeds has emerged as a hub for a host of promising startups, particularly in the realm of advertising. This piece will take you through fifteen of the most exciting advertising startups in Leeds, introducing their products, goals and the creative personas driving their success.

Under each subheading below, you will find a description of the company, a link to their website for further exploration, and the names of the founders who were instrumental in shaping their vision. From video marketing to artificial intelligence, these startups are hallmarks of innovation, ready to disrupt traditional advertising conventions and shape the future of digital marketing.

Whether you’re a company looking for innovative marketing solutions, an investor seeking exciting new opportunities, or a prospective job-seeker eyeing the expanding advertising industry, these startups provide a glimpse into the powerful advertising ecosystem thriving in the heart of Leeds.

Volta Media

Volta Media provides video production and marketing services. Their work engages audiences, enhances brand presence, and helps businesses effectively convey their message through visuals.


At Programmis, a digital marketing agency focusing on Paid Search, Programmatic, TV & more, you can expect marketing solutions run by a team of ex-Googlers. The agency was founded by Andrew Bruce and Sean Worrell.


Bidnamic is a machine learning platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping. Founded by Antonio Reyes, Dr Ingvar Kraatz, and Liam Patterson, they utilise AI to revolutionise retail advertising.

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Chit Chat Agency

Characterised by its innovative advertising endeavors, the Chit Chat Agency delivers marketing and advertising services that transform brand narratives.

The Allies

The Allies is a freelance creative firm that pioneers in branding, photography, video production, animation, and product campaigning services, helping brands to shape their identity and reach wider audiences.

Blog Shack

Blog Shack, a digital marketing agency possessing a repertoire of marketing strategies that strengthen online presence and maximise engagement.

Social Blueprints

Social Blueprints is an agency that helps both small and large-sized businesses to boost their online prominence, through their tailored advertising and marketing strategies.

Data Choice

Data Choice, co-founded by Andrew Bruce and Sean Worrell, is a Programmatic Ad Technology company focused on putting users back in control of their data.

Present Works

Founders Brett Jacob and Peter Lowes’s company,
Present Works a B2B digital marketing firm, uses creative strategies to help companies foster enduring business relationships.

Soar With Us

Soar With Us offers a variety of services including e-commerce strategies, email marketing, consulting, digital, and social media marketing services.


BOSCO empowers businesses with its digital marketing intelligence platform. Herein, data-driven decision making forms the core of their business strategy.


Founded by Steven Haynes, Coact is a web-based developer tool that is revolutionising digital marketing and reporting.

Agency Leeds

Agency Leeds Ltd is an advertising and marketing agency specialising in app development, API development, content and branding services.

Ground Up Digital Media

Ground Up Digital Media believes that everyone deserves the same chance in life, regardless of their background, demographic, or mistakes. They offer services from SEO to Web Development.

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Geo Creative

Lastly, there’s Geo Creative, a creative advertising agency specialising in brand marketing and graphic design.

These startups demonstrate the vibrant advertising scene in Leeds and its ongoing growth. Driven by innovative minds, these companies are leading the path to an exciting and technologically-advanced advertising landscape.

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