Who are shaping the UK’s Future with Innovative Training Startups?

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The landscape of startup companies in the United Kingdom boasts about the country’s immense potential to contribute to the global market. Notably, the training industry has seen a rise in the establishment of startups, each with a unique approach towards revolutionizing the sector. From medical and corporate training tech firms to wellness and cybersecurity training firms, the UK showcases a diverse assemblage of businesses focusing on training solutions.

As technology has permeated all aspects of businesses, traditional training methods have evolved, incorporating elements of virtual and augmented reality, AI, and other strategies for effective learning. The aim of these startups extends from enhancing employees’ professional skills to providing businesses with analytics, consultation, cybersecurity training, and other bespoke services. Below, we explore some of the most interesting training startups from the UK, encapsulating the vibrancy and dynamism of the entrepreneurial culture in the country.

It’s worth noting that many of these startups are at different stages in their development. However, they all share a common trait, which is finding innovative and technological solutions to elevate the quality of training. Without further ado, let’s dive into these companies that are raising the bar for training standards.

Dual Good Health

Founded by innovators Anna Stoilova and Morgan Page, Dual Good Health is pioneering the medical, training, and virtual reality sectors. Its core focus lies in using virtual reality technology to train a multitude of people regarding life-saving procedures.

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Established by Jeremy Basset, CO:CUBED is a distinctive startup that helps FTSE100 companies embrace the startup revolution by defining and executing their collaborative innovation capabilities.


ARuVR, formerly known as VRtuoso, offers an enterprise XR content creation, real-time guided content consumption, and live streaming SaaS platform. This startup was founded by Frank Furnari and Marco Moncalvo.

The Coaching Masters

The Coaching Masters provides a comprehensive range of services including marketing, branding, sales process, social media, coaching & consulting, and outsourcing.


SaaSLeads offers a unique service that empowers SaaS tech firms to build teams through distinctive programs and training.


33N is a multidisciplinary team that provides valuable analytics, consulting, training, and modeling services to clients.

Phishing Tackle

With its strong emphasis on cybersecurity, Phishing Tackle provides online security awareness training, simulated phishing, and a policy management platform for businesses.


Founder Jamal Khayyat and Karim Samra’s startup, ChangeLabs, partners with leading organizations to develop entrepreneurship and innovation programs.

Another Round

Brainchild of Frankie Cotton, Another Round incorporates a unique approach to fitness and training that has impressed global leaders.


Njclabs provides organizations with software consulting, training, and placement services.


Dragonfly delights its clients with people, AI, consulting, and engineering services in the financial, healthcare, and retail sector.

HoPe Advisory

Founded by Hossein Houssaini, HoPe Advisory works to improve the marketing and digital growth of businesses through their consultation services.


Specializing in computer software, MacroFin provides NetSuite implementation, optimization, training, and support services.


Schwa is an organization of writers and behavioral scientists who help companies communicate more effectively by translating scientific insights into significant outcomes.

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Engaging Data

In the era of data-driven decisions, Engaging Data offers businesses a host of services including data warehousing, analytics, data visualization training, and consulting services.

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