Is Personalised Adventure Travel the Future of Business Leisure Experiences?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Citizen Seven uses AI to match travellers and locals based on their personality & interests to provide meaningful experiences.
  • The firm makes use of personalization in the business travel industry, offering a unique and novel way to experience a new city or country.
  • Current methods of encounter locals while travelling are generally random or decided by luck. Citizen Seven aims at removing this uncertainty.
  • Personalised travel could very well be the future of business and leisure travel experiences.

Based in London, Citizen Seven is making waves in the adventure travel industry. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the startup matches travellers with locals based on their interests and personality traits, with the goal of creating meaningful experiences. The idea behind Citizen Seven is simple, yet groundbreaking: like-minded people are most likely to have unforgettable encounters, turning a business trip into an adventure.

Citizen Seven works to bridge the gap between travellers and their best travel memories – the locals they meet. The issue most people face is how to meet the right locals every time they travel. It seems to always be a matter of luck or randomness. Citizen Seven makes use of AI to eliminate this uncertainty, ensuring travellers make the most out of every trip.

What sets Citizen Seven apart from other travel leisure businesses is the application of advanced technology within the scope of enriching experiences. The use of AI to match people according to their interests and personality is a unique take on how meaningful connections are established. This fresh approach could prompt the beginning of a trend in the adventure travel industry of personalizing experiences based on data-driven analysis.

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Moreover, Citizen Seven is not merely a point of convergence for travellers and locals, but it goes the extra mile to ensure that these matches are quality ones. The platform pre-approves seven matches for each traveller, expanding the likelihood of meaningful encounters during trips. This distinguishes the startup as it provides convenience and assurance for the best possible connections.

Citizen Seven is making strides in an industry fuelled by human connections and this might just be the start. Considering the rapid pace of technology adoption in many industries, the integration of AI in business and leisure travel could eventually become the norm. In this era, where personalization plays a critical role in customer satisfaction, companies that are able to meet and anticipate the unique needs of their customers are set to thrive.

Citizen Seven is clearly a leader in this field. Experience better travel with this innovative platform and stay in touch with Citizen Seven via their Website, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay updated about their latest advancements.

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