Which UK Internet Startups are Transforming the Digital Landscape in 2023?

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The United Kingdom’s startup scene is thriving with innovation and creativity. From advanced IT solutions to cryptocurrency services, UK-based startups are transforming industries and impressing users worldwide with their exceptional offerings. Here, we highlight 15 startups leading in their respective spaces.

These startups reflect the broad spectrum of industries being disrupted by UK talent. With a focus on the technology sector, these companies align diverse sectors such as Financial Services, Marketing, Advertising, E-Commerce, and the ever-evolving Internet space. These success stories pay tribute to the innovative minds and entrepreneurial spirit powering the UK startup scene.

Read on to learn more about each of these startups, their offered services, and their founders, respecting their contribution to the global startup ecosystem.


Fonewire operates in the Financial Services, Insurance, Internet, and Payments industry. It promises to be your local Digital Currency, revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space. Dedicated to creating robust digital financial solutions, Fonewire is a compelling platform embracing the future.


Wherecani.live is a consulting, internet, online portal and professional services company that enables users to search and contrast immigration rules quickly and easily to discover their living possibilities. Through a user-friendly portal, it simplifies complex immigration information.


Loc8tech is a location-based marketing and communication platform, providing clients with valuable demographic and location data to enhance marketing automations and strategies. They occupy the intersection of Information Technology, Internet, Location-Based Services, Marketing, Marketing Automation, and Software industry.

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Auto Garage Network Ltd

A specialist in the online garage management services across the UK, Auto Garage Network streamlines repair and maintenances services, providing Booking system, Vehicle technical data, and more for effortless management of garages.

PRCO Studio

PRCO Studio is a creative digital marketing agency offering innovative strategies in advertising, event management, internet, marketing, and social media. Established by PRCO, it carries forward the legacy of comprehensive communications solutions to clients.

Devnet Inc

Founded by Ian Weston and Tim Ocock, Devnet Inc is an adtech startup specializing in edge network advertising for internet service providers. They’re revolutionising advertising platforms in the computer, internet, and travel industries.


AddyCar is a unique advertising marketplace that aims to connect drivers and advertisers. Operating in the advertising, CRM, internet, and marketing space, AddyCar is creatively reinventing mobile advertising strategies.


Founded by Paul Querol and Sebastian Harterink, Weissman is a full-service digital agency. The startup offers services spanning advertising, digital marketing, digital media, internet, Internet of Things, marketing and online portal sectors.

Loving My Finley

Focussed on baby gear and home appliances, Loving My Finley offers high-quality products for its customers. Utilizing the power of e-commerce and the internet, it thrives to offer the best, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Expert Mortgage Brokers

Expert Mortgage Brokers is a seasoned player in the financial services, insurance, internet, and software industry. Offering comprehensive mortgage solutions online, over the phone and face to face, it ensures clients get the most suitable mortgages.


Co-founded by Balal Raja and Jamal Khan, Datahoard offers an inventive platform where users can monetize their data and control their digital footprints. It represents the intersection of several industries, including B2B, big data, developer APIs, and more.

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Bespoke You

Bespoke You is a fast-growing technology platform that aims to revolutionize how people shop for beauty. It crosses the boundaries between apps, e-commerce, IT, internet, mobile apps, and retail.

Looper Insights

Founded by Fadi Shuman, Lucas Bertrand, and Nelly Voukaki, Looper Insights is a SaaS e-commerce optimization business. It employs machine learning techniques for Film/TV business, streamlining e-commerce operations.

Dicey Tech

Alex Alexandrescu and Sofiane Bebert, founders of Dicey Tech, are passionate about transforming education through project-based learning. As a 3D technology solution and edtech firm, they’re preparing students for Industry 4.0.


Adwordtize is a digital solution company offering designs and marketing services at affordable prices. It operates in the advertising, e-commerce, graphic design, internet, and social media marketing sectors, creating compelling digital narratives for businesses.

The UK startup scene continues to innovate and inspire with its homegrown talent and insightful solutions. Forward-thinking and disruptive, the companies mentioned above depict a small fragment of the UK’s thriving startup scene.

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