Which Therapeutics Startups Are Transforming Healthcare in England, United Kingdom?

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As we progress further into the 21st century, we continue to see how the melding of technology and healthcare is continuously reshaping the medical landscape. One area of particular interest is the field of Therapeutics, where breakthroughs, combined with cutting-edge technology, are producing impressive results in everything from personalised treatments to groundbreaking cancer-fighting technologies. Here we present 15 UK-based startups leading the way in this dynamic industry.

These enterprising companies, spread across England, represent a broad cross-section of the Therapeutics field. They are utilising advancements in digital healthcare, biotechnology, personalised treatments, RNA therapies, healthy ageing technology, workplace wellbeing, and much more, often integrating these with one another to create holistic and comprehensive solutions to some of our most pressing medical challenges.

Whether you’re a medical professional, an investor, or someone with a keen interest in the future of healthcare, these startups are worth keeping your eyes on. Let’s dig deeper and explore what these inspiring companies have to offer.

Closed Loop Medicine

Closed Loop Medicine is a pioneering company developing personalised digital healthcare solutions designed to improve outcomes for both patients and clinicians alike. The company was established by founders David Cox, Felicity Sartain, and Hakim Yadi.


With founders Francesca Crawford at the helm, SomaNautix is building an innovative Oncology Product company. Their unique endoNaut technology exploits unique physico-chemical properties.

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Skin + Me

Skin + Me is an interesting D2C brand established by Horatio Cary, James Mishreki, and Mike Passey. They provide personalized skin treatments for feel-great skin.

Sixfold Bioscience

With founders Anna Perdrix Rosell, George Foot, and Zuzanna Brzosko, Sixfold Bioscience is a company at the cutting edge of biotechnology advances, developing methods for RNA therapies.

VIVAN Therapeutics

Founded by Laura Towart, VIVAN Therapeutics is a pioneering name in personalizing healthy cancer therapeutics using new and innovative assay technology.

Virtue Health

Thanks to the innovative thinking of its founders, Arfa Rehman and Scott Gorman, Virtue Health is at the forefront of developing digital solutions for healthy aging.


CalmaWorx is a niche service provider offering workplace wellbeing consultancy and coaching.

Bold Health

With Elena Mustatea, Jossy Onwude, and Matt Stammers as founders, Bold Health offers specialty telemedicine services, integrating Gastrointestinal (GI) conditions care.

Combat Cancer

Combat Cancer is a young UK charity fighting against cancer and pioneering effective cancer treatments.


With its visionary service model, Cognomie extends the reach of coaching, counseling, and therapy, helping organizations develop necessary skills, insight, belief, and fulfillment.


Micrographia Bio, founded by Chris Thompson and Julia Fan Li, significantly aids drug discovery by designing an imaging platform to help understand the inner workings of different therapeutics.


MindHug believes in bolstering well-being and happiness through their holistic psychological, social, cultural, and therapeutic programs.


Cellinta Limited, founded by Soraya Bekkali, is a biotechnology company that adopts gene therapy to develop cancer-identifying technology and anti-cancer payloads.

Sapphire Medical Clinics

Sapphire Medical Clinics specialize in a range of medical services, including cancer treatment, dermatology, medical cannabis, gastrological conditions to psychiatry services.

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Ninevah Therapeutics

Ninevah Therapeutics is a discovery-stage biotech company focused on bringing novel kidney-related gene therapies to patients.

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