Is Personalised, Tech-Driven Home Healthcare the Future of Elder Care?

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Ever wondered if the future of elder care could be more personalised and advanced through tech-driven solutions? London-based startup, Lifted seems to thinks so. They are reimagining elder care by taking an innovative and personalised approach to offer the finest home healthcare experiences.

Operating in the elder care, health care and hospital industries, Lifted is harnessing technology to redefine the way elder care is delivered, making it more tailored, effective and dignified for the elderly and their families. Let’s delve into the unique strategies employed by Lifted, that sets it apart from the conventional models of home healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lifted uses technology to improve the delivery of elder care
  • The startup only employs top-notch carers who they’d trust with their own loved ones
  • Lifted provides round-the-clock support, keeping families informed and assuring them of top-tier care for their loved ones
  • The startup delivers it’s innovative services at cost-effective prices

Lifted distinguishes itself by employing an innovative tech-driven strategy in their delivery of elder care. They only recruit top-tier carers, ensuring that if they wouldn’t trust them with their own loved ones, they don’t make the cut. This not only guarantees top quality care but also cultivates trust and peace of mind for families who avail their services.

Furthermore, the startup has developed an advanced home care platform that provides round-the-clock support and keeps families continually informed about the care that their loved ones are receiving. Coupled with their premium care services, Lifted promises a superior home healthcare experience at a fair price.

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Looking ahead, Lifted faces a promising future given the growing demand for quality elder care. The healthcare landscape is more ready than ever to embrace advanced, tech-driven solutions that enhance the overall quality of elder care while maintaining personalisation and dignity. Lifted is at the forefront of this revolution, offering an innovative, high quality and personalised home care services.

As the startup continues to grow and evolve, they are poised to redefine elder care in the United Kingdom and beyond. Connect with Lifted on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to stay updated with their offerings and developments. Founded by Rachael Crook and Sam Cohen, Lifted symbolises the exciting potential that tech-driven, personalised home healthcare presents for the world of Elder Care.

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