Who Leads Edinburgh’s Health Care Startups Revolution in 2023?

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Healthcare startups are seeing a significant boom in recent years, which is no surprise given the digital revolution. The medical and health sectors have embraced technology like never before, and the result is promising, innovative startups that are making a massive difference in healthcare. From sports supplements to digital therapeutic solutions, physiotherapy to patient monitoring solutions, Edinburgh, City of, United Kingdom, is burgeoning with unique healthcare startups. Here are 15 of the most promising ones to watch, all contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

Edinburgh’s rich history of innovation, combined with robust support for businesses, has made the city a thriving hub for startups. In the health sector, these startups are not just developing new technologies but are enhancing patient care, improving medical processes, and tirelessly working towards healthier communities. These startups also reflect the city’s eagerness to improve fitness and wellness, offer help for mental health issues, and provide care for the elderly.

In this article, we have curated a list of some of the most groundbreaking health care startups based in Edinburgh. Each startup profile includes a brief description of the company, the industries they operate in, their founders, and a link to their websites.


AnySupplement is an e-commerce startup that supplies a vast range of sports supplements, health, fitness products, and accessories. Its footprint spans across several sectors, including E-Commerce, Fitness, Health Care, Nutrition, and Sports.

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ProMOTION Physiotherapy

The brainchild of Lisa Downes and Owen Downes, ProMOTION Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy assessment, massage therapy and physiotherapy-led Pilates. The clinic focuses on delivering services that promote health and well-being.

Hearing Diagnostics

Hearing Diagnostics is a med-tech startup founded by Claudia Freigang and Colin Horne, concentrating on developing hearing screening technology. It is a union of Health Care and Software industry.

Taka Apps

Founded by David Lee and Lysimachos Zografos, Taka Apps aims to provide digital therapeutics for movement disorders. The company explores the intersection of Health Care, mHealth, Neuroscience, and Video Games.


Invizius, co-founded by Andy Herbert, offers dialysis treatments and other extra-corporeal treatments. It operates within Biotechnology, Health Care and Medical industries.


Founded by Matthew Simmonte Owens, BioCaptiva develops innovative liquid biopsy technology devices to diagnose and monitor cancer detection.


LINK UK manufactures a wide range of joint replacement products for primary, revision, and reconstruction surgeries.


ZavFit, a health app founded by Anna Freeman, uses evidence-based science to change behaviours causing money stress, guilt and anxiety.

Lenus Health

Founded by Craig Turpie and Paul McGinness, Lenus Health provides a disease management platform to transform diagnosis and management of chronic conditions.

CSN Care Group

CSN Care Group is a social care provider, offering a national network of owned and franchised branches across the UK.


Omnos, founded by Ben Thomson and Thomas Olivier, is a wellness optimisation platform providing genetic and functional medical testing services.

Covetrus Software Services

Covetrus Software Services is a global animal health technology company empowering veterinary practice partners to drive health & financial outcomes.

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Kynos Therapeutics

Kynos Therapeutics is developing KMO inhibitors across key indications in inflammation, immunity, and metabolism.

Moment One

Moment One, founded by Naish Yadav, is a modern care solution for people with long-term and chronic conditions.

ClearWater Hygiene

ClearWater Hygiene provides medical-grade hand sanitisation products to various locations.

These brilliant startups are ripe with creativity, innovation and dedication to better healthcare. The Edinburgh startup scene is vibrant and on the rise, particularly in the health sector, and is certainly worth a close watch.

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