Which Home Improvement Startups Are Trailblazing in the UK Market?

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The UK is home to a thriving startup scene, with entrepreneurs creating innovative businesses across multiple industry sectors. In this article, we are going to focus on a select group that are shaking up the Home Improvement space. From kitchen renovations to unique door designers, here are 15 noteworthy, British home improvement startups that are bringing fresh ideas and services to the industry.

Whether you are looking for a kitchen refurbishment or new flooring, these startups have you covered. Each of them has an intriguing backstory, a unique service offering, and a commitment to innovation. Let’s dive into these promising startups and see what they have to offer.

We’ve included links to each of the startups’ websites, so if any of them pique your interest you can explore their offerings in greater detail. Let’s get started with our list of 15 UK Home Improvement Startups.

Kitchen Renovation – AceKitchen Surrey

Specializing in the renovation of both kitchens and bedrooms, AceKitchen Surrey is a standout in the Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Interior Design, and Real Estate industries. They offer comprehensive services bringing refreshing designs and superior craftmanship to their projects.


As the name suggests, Flooring365 is a specialist retailer of high-quality flooring. Their offerings include engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and parquet flooring. They’re an ideal choice for those looking to revamp their floors with top-quality materials.

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Astrum Granite

Astrum Granite specializes in the manufacture of granite, quartz and marble kitchen worktops. They provide templating, supply, and fitting services across the UK. They’re a great choice for those wanting a dash of luxury in their kitchen.

Addison Shutters

Based in Manchester, Addison Shutters provides measure, supply and installation services for window plantation shutters across the northwest region of the UK.


Looking to make the contractor-client connection smoother? Then check out Weaver.build. They’ve created a mobile app that matches main contractors to vetted residential projects. The startup was founded by Dan Hardiker, Edward Robertshaw, and Gregory Keane.

The Better Home Company

The Better Home Company is all about better repairs for homes. As a Which? Endorsed trailblazer in the Home Improvement sector, they offer superior services focused on customer satisfaction.

Propensio Finance

Propensio Finance brings financial expertise to the home improvement sector as a specialist provider of point-of-sale, second and third-line consumer finance. Their solutions help customers secure necessary finance to undertake renovations and enhancements to their properties.

Landlord Property Certificates

Providing all kinds of landlord safety certificates within London and M25 areas, Landlord Property Certificates is an essential service for property owners and managers.


Paddle is an on-demand service that connects you with local tradespeople. Co-founded by Ben Milton and Mark Fraser, Paddle is a great solution for homeowners needing quick and reliable trade services.

Wright Maintenance

Offering maintenance, servicing, and repair to residential and commercial properties, Wright Maintenance is a go-to facility services company. Their strong focus on customer service makes them a stand-out performer in this space.

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Unity Doors

Unity Doors is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of composite door sets and fire doors, bringing innovation and style to the home improvement sector.


Specializing in smart home integration, Automatry offers custom software and electrical integration solutions that bring future-ready technology to homes.


Co-founded by Gergely Szep, Jakab Barna, and Robert Soos, Wequire.homes is developing an innovative property platform designed to replace estate agents with automation and freelancers.

Better Home Cover

Offering emergency home repair solutions, Better Home Cover is a noteworthy startup in the insurance sector. Co-founded by Mads Dal, this company has made a significant impact in the home improvement industry.

Harmoni Desk

Harmoni Desk creates and designs products with the holistic idea of having a smarter, healthier, and more flexible way of working. Their products bring aesthetic appeal and functional design to any interior. The startup was founded by Yang Zou.

In conclusion, these 15 UK startups are redefining the home improvement sector with their unique business models, innovative services and customer-centric approach. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a reliable service provider or an industry professional seeking fresh ideas, these startups have a lot to offer. We hope you find these profiles helpful and informative.

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