Who Are Leading the Procurement Startup Revolution in the UK?

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The UK’s procurement sector is brimming with innovation and opportunity. Fuelled by advances in technology and a shift towards more sustainability, there are a multitude of promising startups and companies turning traditional procurement processes on their head. These include ventures targeting everything from agriculture to healthcare, and from risk management to recruitment. Here, we provide a run-down of 15 contemporary UK procurement startups that are leading the way.

At a time when every industry must do its part to combat climate change, it’s refreshing to see startups such as Agronomex stepping up to the plate. Founded by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, this platform is working tirelessly to reduce agricultural food waste. It accomplishes this through a trading and procurement system that artfully merges the spheres of agriculture, AgTech, IT, software and supply chain management.

AgTech is far from the only area experiencing meaningful innovation. Startups like Yordex, for example, are revolutionising the financial side of procurement. Yordex offers smart spend management software and a B2B payment service to make financial processes more efficient. The brainchild of Erik De Kroo and Hardeep Nagi, Yordex operates in a range of industries including financial services, fintech, software and supply chain management.


Intersecting agriculture and technology, Agronomex is a trading and procurement platform focusing on reducing agricultural food waste. Founded by Anthony Kerfyser and Pascale Martin, it also leverages IT, software, and supply chain management techniques to deliver a holistic solution.

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Offering smart spend management software and B2B payment services, Yordex brings in financial efficiencies to the procurement processes. Founded by Erik De Kroon and Hardeep Nagi, it operates in diverse industries, including financial services and supply chain management.


The largest operator of open-source procurement and tender data in the UK, Bidstats provides numerous tools and search functions for procurement-related data analysis.

Risk Ledger

Risk Ledger offers the world’s most innovative vendor risk management platform, built on the model of a secure social network. Co-founded by Daniel Saul and Haydn Brooks, Risk Ledger plays a key role in the cyber security, network security, and risk management industries.

Supply Change

Supply Change aims to create better supply chains by connecting social enterprises with procurement teams. The startup works in the procurement and supply chain management industries to support social impact.


BLK is a marketplace for commodities and raw materials. Founders Aleksandra Dadò, Gabriele Dadò, and Nirmalya Shoan Roy run this procurement, e-commerce, and trading platform located at blkcommodities.com.


MangoB2B.com is a B2B marketplace platform, founded by Miha Jakovac, Shahid Maqbool, and Vlad Omer, driving innovation in the sectors of Big data, e-commerce, and procurement.

JUST Digital Marketplace

Resolving debt problems and simplifying the procurement process, JUST Digital Marketplace helps buyers get the service they want in the financial services and supply chain management industries.

Talent Drive

Talent Drive is a procurement and supply chain recruitment consultancy serving major and SME organizations.

CoCo Global

CoCo Global is a cost optimization firm dealing in commercial optimization, cost control, and procurement services.

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Sustainary is an online platform for sustainable construction, driving innovation in the B2B, GreenTech, and procurement industries. Arwa Shumary is one of its founders.


An AI-powered Global B2B Healthcare Marketplace, Vamstar was co-founded by Praful Mehta, Richard Freeman, and Vishesh Duggar. It operates in the healthcare, life science, and procurement industries.

Procure Ai

Procure Ai, co-founded by Konstantin Von Bueren and Yves Bauer, enables enterprises to handle procurement tasks via AI. They operate in the AI, enterprise software, machine learning, and software industries.


ChandlerKBS is a consultancy that offers project management, cost management, and procurement services in the consulting, procurement, and project management industries.

The Procurement Hive

Co-founded by Guy Wiffen, The Procurement Hive is a global procurement consultancy that offers procurement, recruitment, and supply chain services.

From sustainable farming to healthcare and beyond, these startups and their innovative approaches to procurement are reshaping their respective industries. Each one is a testament to the creativity, entrepreneurial vision and drive that underpins the UK’s procurement sector. Through innovative technologies and forward-thinking strategies, these companies not only contribute to the commercial success of the businesses they assist, but also to a more efficient, sustainable and interconnected world.

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