Is This AI-Powered Digital Bank Revolutionising Global Trade for SMEs?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Silverbird is a London-based digital bank revolutionising global trade for SMEs.
  • It provides online banking, global business accounts, and high-value cross-border payments to international SMEs.
  • Through its data-driven AI-powered KYC technology, it efficiently onboards international SMEs, making them bankable in Europe and beyond.
  • Silverbird also collaborates with banks, regulators, payment networks, and trade finance companies, ensuring businesses don’t have to mingle with these complexities.

Silverbird, a London-based startup has emerged as a true game-changer in the banking and fintech space. Specialising in providing banking and financial services via the internet, this promising startup has embarked on the mission of revolutionizing global trade for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The firm has carved a unique niche for itself by offering online banking, global business accounts, and high-value cross-border payments for global merchants.

The company essentially serves as a one-stop-solution for all banking needs of internationally operating SMEs. By leveraging the burgeoning realms of advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence, Silverbird has been successful in onboarding international SMEs swiftly and smoothly. The firm’s proprietary data-driven, AI-powered Know Your Customer (KYC) technology has been a key tool in making them bankable in Europe and even beyond.

What truly sets Silverbird apart is its commitment to eliminate the often daunting hurdles SMEs face in effecting international payments. The startup’s data-driven AI technology not only simplifies the processes of finance but also increases the efficiency and speed of business operations for SMEs. Furthermore, by working closely with banks, regulators, payment networks, and trade finance companies, Silverbird ensures that businesses banking with them are spared from having to navigate through intricate banking procedures and regulations.

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Equally significant is the wealth of knowledge and experience brought to the table by the company’s founder, Maxim Faldin. With a proven track record in the fintech world, he has been instrumental in driving Silverbird’s ambition to boost international trade by providing SMEs with a straightforward and uncomplicated banking solution.

Looking ahead, Silverbird promises a bright future for globally oriented SMEs. By leveraging advanced AI-powered solutions, the startup has the potential to revolutionise the way international trade is conducted for SMEs. It will not only facilitate commerce across borders but with its convenience, it will empower SMEs to compete on a global scale.

The company is just beginning to spread its wings, aiming to make international trade smoother and more efficient for SMEs across the globe. For more information about Silverbird, visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.

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