Is This Emerging UK Startup Transforming the Health and Wellbeing Sector?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Augmentive is a London-based startup in the healthcare sector offering a comprehensive health and wellbeing platform.
  • The platform connects users with qualified therapists, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and mindfullness specialists.
  • Augmentive sets itself apart with its state-of-the-art platform, tailored recommendations, and high-quality healthcare professionals.
  • The startup sees potential growth in the flourishing wellness industry, focusing on personalised and convenient healthcare support.

Augmentive, based in London, England, is an emerging UK startup that’s setting out to transform the health and wellbeing sector. The company aims to make feeling your best not a struggle but a rewarding journey. Through the combination of modern technology and professional expertise, Augmentive offers a state-of-the-art health and wellbeing platform that potentially reinvents how people perceive and engage with their health and wellness.

Founded by Archie Norman, Kit Norman, and Sarah Norman, Augmentive is widening the access to world-class support on users’ terms. It allows users to sign up in seconds to connect with a variety of healthcare professionals, including qualified therapists, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and mindfulness specialists, hand-picked by the Augmentive team. With a personalised and user-centric approach, Augmentive aims to revolutionise the way individuals take care of their health and wellbeing.

What sets Augmentive apart from other health and wellness startups is its blend of technology, dedicated selection of healthcare professionals, and personalised recommendations. It’s not just another platform with a list of specialists, but the Augmentive platform provides tailored advice and offers choices between one-to-one sessions or group classes. This creates more manageable and targeted healthcare support for its users, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

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Furthermore, Augmentive understands the changing demands in the healthcare sector, highlighting the need for flexibility and convenience. By allowing users to discover and engage with healthcare specialists on their own terms, Augmentive is moving away from traditional forms of healthcare assistance and moving towards modern, individualised, and accessible support.

As the demand for health and wellbeing services continues to rise, the future looks promising for Augmentive. With a strong commitment to provide effective, personalised, and convenient care, this UK startup is set to influence and transform the flourishing wellness industry. Through their innovative platform, Augmentive sets the stage for how health and wellbeing services can be delivered and used by individuals.

For more details, you can visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

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