Which UK Industrial Engineering Startups are Shaping the Future Landscape?

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Industrial engineering is a rapidly advancing field, with numerous start-ups in the United Kingdom making significant strides. These companies are facilitating exciting advancements in areas such as biotechnology, manufacturing, recycling, and more. We will be taking a closer look at 15 such industrial engineering start-ups that are making their mark in the UK.

These start-ups are not only driving innovation and employing emerging technologies but they are also addressing critical areas such as waste management, energy, and environmental protection. The solutions they provide are not only beneficial for the industry but also have far-reaching social and environmental impacts.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at what these companies do, their industry segments, and the founders who are leading their innovative efforts.


uFraction8 develops microfluidics-based filtration systems designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of biomass harvesting. The company stands at the intersection of biotechnology, clean tech, industrial engineering, and manufacturing. Brian Miller and Monika Tomecka are the key founders driving the venture.

3DC Ltd

3DC Ltd provides an on-demand manufacturing platform and tools kit. Their industry focus includes 3D printing, drones, industrial engineering, and manufacturing. The startup was founded by Alex Ziff.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom is a startup on a mission to end polymer waste. They design, build and operate new generation infrastructure for processing waste. The company is a force in the recycling industry, led by founders Alexander Guslisty, and Toby Moss.

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Gen3D provides design software for additive manufacturing and Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) training. The company is flourishing in the fields of industrial engineering, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and software.


OpenCell aims to make biotechnology accessible and affordable by building biotech labs in shipping containers. They are a part of the Biotechnology, Construction and Industrial Engineering industries.

Richard Irvin Energy Solutions

Richard Irvin Energy Solutions provides building and facilities maintenance, engineering and fabrication and major contracting abilities throughout Aberdeen.

McMenon Engineering Services

McMenon Engineering Services manufactures flow and temperature measurement instrumentation, operating in the industrial engineering, machinery manufacturing and manufacturing industries.

Prestige Industrial Roofing Supplies

Prestige Industrial Roofing Supplies provides metal roofing and cladding, insulation, roof lights, panels, fixings, metal decking, and more. It is part of the building material, construction, industrial engineering, and retail industries.

Feraru Dynamics

Feraru Dynamics, founded by Andrei Feraru, designs and manufactures vibration-measuring wearable technology. Their focus is in the domains of industrial design, industrial engineering, and manufacturing.

NI Precision

NI Precision specializes in manufacturing precision components in the consulting, industrial engineering, and manufacturing sectors.

WBL Engineering

WBL Engineering specializes in pneumatic conveying and large materials handling systems. The company operates in the industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and project management sectors.

OUTER Industries

OUTER Industries is focused on advancing engineering technology, their key areas being aerospace, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, and space travel.


Holiferm works towards developing improved fermentation technology for significant economic gains. The startup was founded by Ben Dolman, Gustavo Valente, and James Winterburn.

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Cognitive Business

Cognitive Business builds artificial intelligence solutions to help the industrial world learn from its data. The company was founded by Christopher Fraser, Thomas Humphries, and Ty Burridge-Oakland.


CORE POWER (UK) Ltd, led by founder Mikal Boe, believes that advanced atomic technologies can change the game for heavy transport and industry. They operate in the advanced materials, clean energy, energy, industrial engineering, marine technology, marine transportation, nuclear, and shipping sectors.

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