Which Manchester Internet Startups Are Transforming the Digital Landscape in 2023?

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Startups in the United Kingdom, particularly in Manchester, are spearheading innovative approaches to various sectors such as finance, education, internet, software, and many more. This influential city in the heart of the UK has been a top choice for startups not only due to its strategic location but also for its rich creative culture and dynamic talent pool. Today, we are featuring 15 of these impressive startups making a name for Manchester in the world of business.

From groundbreaking financial services to cutting-edge digital security solutions and remarkable educational infrastructure, these companies are driving the future. Let’s delve into their unique offerings and see how they are shaping their respective industries.

The following not only captures a snapshot of the innovative technology landscape in Manchester but also provides potential investors, tech enthusiasts and consumers with a rundown of startups to look out for. These Manchester-based internet startups are indeed worth watching.


FoneWire has made its mark in the financial services sector with its innovative approach to digital currency. Their platform offers a localised digital currency solution, creating new, convenient pathways for transactions.

Dicey Tech

Education technology is being revolutionized with companies like Dicey Tech. By introducing project-based learning, Dicey Tech encourages and empowers tomorrow’s innovators. Their platform is building the education infrastructure for Industry 4.0 and is having an undeniable impact on training the next generation of scientific and technological minds.

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Pathway AI

Unfortunately, we don’t have a website for Pathway AI, but their work in real-time visual analysis for insurers is making waves in the internet industry. Led by the entrepreneurial minds of Jeffrey Smith and his team, Pathway AI is putting Manchester on the map in terms of progressive insurtech.


Agency-reputation management has been fundamentally transformed through Flyte‘s software platform. By offering agencies an efficient and automated way to manage clients’ reviews and online reputations, Flyte is standing out in the burgeoning tech scene of Manchester.


The internet’s marketplace has been radically improved by Mercarto. Through their cloud eCommerce platform, suppliers and sellers can easily connect. This has not only streamlined transactions but also cultivated an efficient shopping environment for users.

GDPR Tracker

Understanding the nuances of GDPR compliance has been simplified with the GDPR Tracker. By offering a comprehensive SaaS solution for businesses, they’ve become a cornerstone in internet regulatory compliance.

Free Bet King

Free Bet King has revolutionised the online gaming industry by offering a comprehensive portal and affiliate marketing site. Covering online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting, they’ve become a crucial player in facilitating gambling activities online.


Through their independent digital security solutions, SheriffWare is securing a future where cyber threats are efficiently managed. With offerings spanning across enterprise software and network security, SheriffWare has quickly become a leading player in Manchester’s tech scene.


uqudo’s goal is to develop cross-border and cross-industry digital ecosystems, wherein users retain control over their data. Pioneering ideas around identity management and insurtech, uqudo is an essential part of Manchester’s fintech industry.

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Financielle is an app that demystifies the investment process by providing users with financial information at their fingertips. With its innovative platform, Financielle is reinforcing Manchester’s fintech influence.

Org 3D

Org 3D has redefined recruitment and talent acquisition. The potential impact of such an offering is particularly powerful in the tech industry, where the struggle to find top-tier talent can be a challenge.

Wunderkind Agency

Wunderkind Agency is a B2B marketing agency specializing in aiding technology businesses create products users love. It is a testament to the depth and diversity of Manchester’s internet startup community.

Iceberg Media

Iceberg Media is a service provider of SEO and business marketing strategies. This company is helping bolster the visibility and presence of a plethora of businesses in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Luma serves to improve business-client communication and streamline account management. In addition to software engineering, Luma also delves into the digital marketing sector.


Rounding up our list is Netacea, a leader in bot management using Intent Analytics powered by machine learning. This sophisticated approach against cyber threats is paving the way for safer online interactions and transactions.

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